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'RHOA' Star Shereé Whitfield Said ‘SHE by Sheree’ Is On The Way, But The People Still Have Questions


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Shereé Whitfield instructed her fans to get their coins ready for her “SHE by Sheree” drop. However, the people still have many questions. More inside…

One storyline “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans love to obsess over is Shereé Whitfield’s over-a-decade long journey into fashion.

The “RHOA” star’s fashion journey started in Season 2 (2009), when she curated a fashion show that lacked…fashion, per Uncle Dwight Eubanks.

After that, “SHE by Shereé” was born…and then just existed. Fans pointed out that nothing ever went on sale to purchase after the fashion show and have questions about the line ever since. Why didn't the line get released? She said she was “revamping a lot.”

Fastforward to Season 10, Shereé decided to take her fashion talents to a new level, announcing the (re?)launch of her apparel business.

When asked about her line during the reunion show in 2018, her first response was “joggers,” leaving fans and the cast confused because the line was originally supposed to be a luxury brand. Shereé later explained “She by Shereé” was a lifestyle/athleisure apparel brand.

Peep the promo clip she released below:

Since then, there have been several launch announcements, yet, no clothing line for sale. A few days ago, the mom-of-three hinted her new collection would be coming soon:

”Make sure to have your credit cards ready,” she tweeted with hashtags #SheByShereé #RHOA #Joggers #LetEmTalk.

Someone responded, “I hope you’re gonna have a curvy line since most of your fan base that has been anticipating this for years have now had children, gotten married, died, etc.”




Someone else responded to her tweet, writing, “By what year?”


Another person tweeted, “When are we talking about so I can budget… I was expecting this in 08 when I was young and wild. Now I’m 37, married with a baby, I gotta plan out where my money goes.”

”I need a whole different size of joggers than when she started the conversation,” someone else said in response.



Check out more reactions below:











It wasn’t all shade. She did receive some positive feedback as well:



Do you think SHE by Shereé will drop this year?

Photo: Sheree's IG 

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