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The Internet Calls Out Ray J For His Toxicity Towards Estranged Wife Princess Love


Ray J and PrincessLoveput their marital problems on front street on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Their conversation about cheating and divorce was toxic AF. Watch the clip and peep the reactions inside….

Estranged couple Ray J and PrincessLove put their martial problems on front street on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” dragging their problems across the nation after appearing on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Last year, Ray pulled the trigger on a divorce from Princess Love, however, the announcement was made around the time Ray was reportedly hospitalized with pneumonia. In a clip from the latest episode, Ray & Princess opened up about why their relationship dissolved and their expectations from each other.

“I almost died in the hospital,” Ray said to Princess.

“You filed for divorce,” she responded.

The mom-of-two accused the R&B crooner of cheating on her with other women - specifically strippers and prostitutes - and allowing them to wear her clothes in their home.

“I’m dying and you’re still thinking about b*tch wearing your clothes. That’s not right. And you wonder why I got a divorce,” Ray said to Princess. “And it’s always been strippers and prostitutes,” Princess said. “Strippers and prostitutes don’t count,” he responded.

They don’t? News to us. If it’s one thing men are going to have, it’s AUDACITY.

After admitting to cheating, Ray then got upset when Princess admitted she was entertaining someone else.

Peep the toxic clip below:



Folks have been dragging the “One Wish” singer over the clip (and rightfully so, because whet?!):



”Did Ray J really hit Princess with "I was just f**kin dem b*tches I was gonna get right back?,” a Twitter user reacted. “You don't get a n!gga back like that!" #loveandhiphopmiami That man is the poster boy for toxic!”



”Ray J so manipulative. You can’t cheat, file for divorce, then get pissed your ex is talking to someone new ‘strippers and prostitutes don’t count’ corny a**,” another user tweeted.



“‘You have the AUDACITY to like someone else after I cheated on you with multiple women and filed for divorce?’ Ray J is a whole clown.”








You’ll recall, Ray and Princess tied the knot in August 2016 before welcoming two children, daughter MelodyLove (born in 2018) and their son EpikRay (born in 2020). Both Ray & Princess have previously filed for divorce.

Do you think they’ll go through with it this time?

Photos: Jean_Nelson/Depositphotos

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