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12-Year-Old New Orleans Student Arrested & Suspended After Video Allegedly Shows Her Waving Gun Outside School Bus, Mother Arrested For Aggravated Assault


After getting into a fight, a 12-year-old student in New Orleans pulled out a gun outside of a school bus, which resulted in her being arrested and suspended from school. The child’s mother hopped on social media to defend her child and she too was hit with a charge of aggravated assault. More inside…

The New Orleans Police Department has arrested a 12-year-old student following an incident with a gun outside of a school bus, which was captured on video.

According to reports, a 12-year-old Akili Academy student was suspended and arrested after an incident on a school bus recently. Videos posted to social media show a vicious fight between two girls on a school bus on Friday afternoon.


Once the fight ended, one of the girls got off the bus at a bus stop and returns with what appears to be a GUN. Video captured the child banging on the side of the school bus with the firearm in her hand.

Swipe below:



The child’s mother - who noted she’s a child of God - took to social media to defend her daughter’s actions, claiming her daughter was being bullied, so she pulled out the firearm.

”I don’t care how y’all take it. How ignorant y’all say I’m being or whatever, but when a child is under frustration and being bullied, she’s supposed to have help with self defense or whatever,” the mom said in a video streamed online. Swipe to the four slide above to see the mother’s response.

Now, both the child and the mother are facing charges. Their names will reportedly not be released.

According to reports, the 12-year-old was arrested for aggravated assault after flashing the gun outside of the school bus. The juvenile's mother was also arrested and charged with the principle of aggravated assault and for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, although police did not explain what lead to the latter charge.

WWL-TV spoke to two parents whose kids ride the same bus. One of the mothers said it appeared the juvenile retrieved the gun from a nearby car and came back to confront the student she fought with, who was still on the bus. Hmm...

Crescent City Schools - the charter over Akili Academy - released a statement to address the incident.

"Crescent City Schools and Akili Academy are horrified by this brazen act of violence that happened off school campus. School buses should be safe places of transport for our young people. Police were called Friday afternoon during this incident and police action was taken. The student is not at school and we are working with NolaPS regarding disciplinary action."

NOLA Public Schools also released a statement: 

”The safety and well-being of NOLA Public Schools (NOLA-PS) students are our top priority. The District is aware of an incident involving a weapon and a student from Akili Academy. The school immediately contacted law enforcement, and the District has been in contact with Crescent City Schools’ leadership regarding this matter. 

Such a tragic situation all around. It’s possible this young lady was fed up with people constantly picking on her. However, that doesn’t condone her actions. We’re definitely not condoning violence. The adults in this situation failed. We hate to see it.

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