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Rapper Quando Rondo & Friend Lul Pab Reportedly Shot At In Los Angeles, Conflicting Reports On If Lul Pab Died - WATCH AFTERMATH


Rapper QuandoRondo and his friend Lul Pab were reportedly shot at while inside an SUV at a Beverly Grove gas station in Los Angeles. News reports claim Lul Pab died from his injuries. However, someone posted a message on Pab’s Instagram page claiming he had NOT died. The conflicting details inside…

Atlanta rapper QuandoRondo has apparently been caught up in another shooting that has resulted in one of his friends being fatally wounded.

The Georgia rapper and his friend LulPab was reportedly shot at as he sat inside of an SUV at a Beverly Grove gas station in Los Angeles Friday evening. According to ABC7 News, police said the victim who was described only as a 23-year-old man, took off in a black Cadillac Escalade after he was shot at La Cienega and Beverly boulevards, across the street from the Beverly Center.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call of a shooting a little before 5:30 pm and found a man near the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard calling for help from law enforcement officers. Police found the SUV peppered with bullet holes and a shattered window. Witnesses heard multiple gunshots and then saw a couple of cars flee the area.



LAPD officers told FOX11 Los Angeles the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. Law enforcement did confirm the victim is associated with a rapper from Atlanta, but they did not confirm it’s Quando Rondo.

Footage from after the shooting has made its way online and it appears to show Quando distraught, yelling and screaming before talking to officers about what happened. Peep the clip below:

"We don't know why or how this happened, all we know is that the victim vehicle, they pulled up, they were pumping gas and it looks like they probably finished pumping gas and the suspects approached from the alley, got out of the car and started shooting at those victims," LAPD Lt. JohnRadke said.

It’s reported three suspects took off in a white four-door sedan though a make and model were not immediately available. As of Friday night, the shooter(s) are still on the run. 

There were rumors online that said Quando was seriously injured, but stable. Social media users have been sharing IG Story posts from a woman believed to be Quando’s aunt, who claims he’s OK.

”Maybe I should reword it, he’s fine. I spoke with him myself,” she wrote.

In another post, she wrote, “I know y’all are concerned but please stop calling me!!!!!! Please understand I can’t talk to him not non of the people I need to be talking to for him, if y’all keep calling !! I just kept answering because I think y’all him! Please stoooppppppp,” she wrote.

On Lul Pab’s IG Stories, someone shared a message that suggested he was still alive.

”My brother not dead! Stop asking and posting,” the IG Story said.

In the second IG Story slide, there’s a video of Quando and Pab together in the car, however, it’s unclear when the video was recorded:

Quando Rondo was a target in a previous shooting that went down in May 2021 that’s very similar to this shooting. He and his entourage were caught in a “hail” of bullets while at a local convenience store in Georgia. One of Quando’s friends were injured by gunfire and taken to a hospital to be treated. Quando was not injured.

In November 2020, Quando was involved in a fight outside of a hookah lounge in Atlanta that resulted in the death of Chicago rapper/Lil Durk affiliate, King Von. As Quando and Von fought, one of Quando’s friends, LulTim, came from behind and shot Von several times before escaping. Von and one of his friends were killed and two other people were injured. Since Von’s death, his fans have been urging Lil Durk and his OTF members to “slide for Von,” which is slang for retaliating against Von’s killer.

Rap fans have been tweeting about Quando since the latest shooting. Peep some reactions below:


So unnecessary and tragic. Prayers to everyone involved.


Photos: Quando Rondo's IG 

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