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RENAISSANCE UPDATES: Beyonce Removes Kelis Credit & Sample From ‘Energy,’ Changes Ableist Slur 'Spaz' On ‘Heated’


Beyonce comes with some new “energy” after Kelis aired out her frustrations when she learned Bey used a sample of her work on her new album, Renaissance. There was also backlash from the disabled community over an offensive lyric on her song “Heated.” Deets inside…

Welp. That was handled.

Last week, Beyonce dropped her Renaissance album and - in typical Bey fashion - it broke the Internet. It had everyone weighing in … including Kelis.

The “Milkshake” singer made it clear she was not informed, nor did she grant “permission” for a sample/interpolation of her 2003 single “Milkshake” to be used for Bey’s new track “Energy.” She posted several videos airing out her frustrations, mostly directed towards producers PharrellWilliams and ChadHugo. However, Bey was also shaded during her rants.



Days after Kelis’ online rants, Bey reportedly removed the controversial sampling from some music streaming services. Per Rolling Stone, the interpolation is no longer heard on Apple Music and Tidal. According to Buzzfeed, the YouTube lyric video still includes the sample.

Music industry vet NaimaCochrane tweeted the drum interpolation still appears on the track, while a vocal section that some fans incorrectly attributed to Kelis has been removed.



In a series of IG videos, Kelis shared she was upset because she felt Bey “should have at least reached out” to her about sampling the song on her new album. While Bey didn't necessarily have to give her heads up since Pharrell and Chad owns the song, Kelis felt that Bey could have called her up to let her know since she's always encouraging "women empowerment." 

”It's not about me being jealous. Jealous of someone using my song? That's the dumbest, most ignorant thing I've ever heard," she said. "It has to do with the fact that, from one artist to another, you should have the decency and common sense and the courtesy to call."



“My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding,” Kelis continued. “Chad really is like an amoeba, he’s spineless. It’s a miracle he can keep his neck up, but Pharrell knows better. This is a direct hit at me, he does this stuff all the time. It’s very petty — very, very, very — and the reality is that it’s frustrating.”

Watch the clips above and below:



Amid the controversy, “Not Beyonce” has hilariously been trending:






That’s not the only update Bey made to her dance-heavy seventh studio album…



Mrs. Carter faced backlash for using the ableist term "spaz" in her song “Heated,” which promoted the singer to change the lyric.

NBC News reports:

The 11th track, "Heated," contained the word "spaz," a slur against people with disabilities.

Lizzo received backlash for the same word after initially including it in her single "Grrrls," which was released in June. After fans pointed out that the word originates from "spastic," the artist changed the lyrics.

“Someone who is spastic is born with a disability which makes it difficult for them to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs,” according to Collins Dictionary. “Most people now refer to someone with this disability as having cerebral palsy.”

Fans have reacted to the change on social media:










Photos: A.RICARDO/Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

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