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‘WHO IS WORKING?!’ Kandi Is Curious How Sheree Afforded Chateau Shereé & All The Things


Kandi Burruss has some questions! The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is curious how her co-starShereé Whitfield was able to afford her gorgeous mansion, Chateau Shereé, and all the luxe items to fill it. Hmm...


More inside…

If you’re a die-hard “Real Housewives of Atlanta” watcher, you trekked the long journey with Shereé Whitfield every step of the way as she built her massive estate, Chateau Shereé. And as you know, she didn’t cut corners when it came to furnishing her new place.

The mansion features glamorous touches with an eye-catching backsplash in her kitchen and intricate cabinet hardware. She handpicked every detail of the house to exude the glamorous feel she was going for throughout the entire mansion.




While one can’t deny the gorgeousness of the estate, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss wants to know: WHO PAID FOR IT?

During a recent episode of her YouTube series, “Speak On It,” Kandi Burruss recapped this past Sunday’s “RHOA” episode, and she touched on this season’s hot topic - Shereé’s ex-prison BAE Tyrone Gilliams (who is now free) after he stood her up.

In the segment, Kandi mentioned how gorgeous Shereé’s home is and how it has all the bells and whistles inside, including a $10,000 chandelier. The XSCAPE singer wants to know: Did Tyrone fund her with the coins?

By the way, Tyrone was sentenced to federal prison for wire fraud schemes where he allegedly stole $5 million, so that’s likely one reason why Kandi thinks he had something to do with helping Sheree pay for her pad.

“Shereé wasn’t on our show for a lot of seasons, so I hate to ask this question, but I gotta ask the question that a lot of people are gonna ask,” Kandi said. "When she starts talking about the money that she paid for the $10,000 chandelier, the $7,000 this…I’m like, was this the Tyrone money paying for this?”

Where did all this money come from to pay for all these things?

“Was it another secret boo that we don’t know about? And she said she was holding out for Tyrone this whole time, while that house was getting done. But, that house got done! And, for most of that time, she had left us, she wasn’t with the Housewives no more.”

”Who’s working?," she asked. "Where is the $10,000 chandelier checks coming from?? I’m just curious! I’m just speaking for the people because the people want to know.”


A producer mentioned maybe Shereé paid for the mansion with the funds she made from her clothing line, She By Shereé.

”Y’all do realize She By Shereé is not out yet. It’s not out yet,” she said.

The shaaaaade of it all. Watch the clip (at the 6:30-minute mark) below:

No response from Shereé ...yet.

Photo: Kandi's IG 

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