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Uvalde Police Under Fire After Video Of School Shooting Leaks, Officer Seen Checking Phone, Another Gets Hand Sanitizer As Children Were Murdered


Newly released surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary has sparked even more scrutiny of the Uvalde police over their delayed response to children and teachers being murdered. The videos show one officer checking his phone and another getting hand sanitizer as the shooter actively shot innocent victims. More inside…

Disturbing surveillance video of the Uvalde school massacre has leaked, giving the clearest account of what actually happened on May 24th when a domestic terrorist opened fire on students and teachers at Robb Elementary. 19 students and 2 teachers lost their lives as police stood in the hallway outside of the classroom that the shooter barricaded himself in.

The public already knew officers waited over an hour before the room was breached by law enforcement and the gunman shot and killed. Now, the victims’ parents and the public get to see what they were doing in the hallway the entire time.

In the surveillance video, it starts with footage of the shooter, 18-year-old SalvadorRamos, crashing his vehicle outside of the school. You see two people walk towards the crash and then they abruptly turn around and run away from the crash. The shooter fired shots at them. He gets out of the vehicle, walks towards the school, and walks through an unlocked door. As he's approaching, a teacher calls 9-1-1 and the audio from the call is played. You can hear her screaming at the children to get into their classrooms. The video then shows the shooter walking inside the school carrying a semi-automatic rifle at 11:33AM.

A kid comes around the corner and sees the shooter just as he begins shooting. He quickly ran away. For the next three minutes, the domestic terrorist fired shots on and off.

Minutes later, three police officers rush down the hallway. They approach the door and then moments later run back down the end of the hall after the shooter started firing shots at them. Time is ticking and you see law enforcement gathered in the hallway. They don’t approach the door again until 12:21PM and wait until 12:50PM to breach the classroom and kill the gunman.

The video was edited to remove the sound of children screaming and blur out the child’s identity.

Watch a summary of the chilling footage below. WARNING! The video could be triggering for some:

A Uvalde police officer has come under fire after he was shown checking his phone with what appears to be a “Punisher” lock screen.



”Uvalde cop checks phone with tough-guy punisher skull background while kids are being murdered a few rooms over. I wonder why Uvalde PD thought this footage would be embarrassing?,” one Twitter user wrote.



”the image of the Uvalde cop checking his Punisher Phone while children are being murdered down the hall is f*cking madness inducing,” another Twitter said.

Another cop has been receiving backlash for casually putting hand sanitizer on his hands as children and teachers were being shot and killed:





Watch the full video below. WARNING! - Video includes sounds of gunshots: 

It’s reported the surveillance video was planned to be released to the parents this Sunday. The Texas House Committee, who is investigating the shooting, planned to show it to the families before releasing it to the public.

“We get blindsided by a leak,” saidAngelGarza, whose 10-year-old daughter, AmerieJo, was killed. “Who do you think you are to release footage like that of our children who can’t even speak for themselves, but you want to go ahead and air their final moments to the entire world? What makes you think that’s OK?” 

Uvalde Mayor DonMcLaughlin blasted the media - Austin American-Statesman & KVUE - for releasing the footage. Some parents were upset that the footage was leaked as well.

The American-Statesman defended its decision to publish, with executive editor MannyGarcia writing in an editorial, “We have to bear witness to history, and transparency and unrelenting reporting is a way to bring change.” 

“There’s no reason for the families to see that,” Mayor McLaughlin said. “I mean, they were going to see the video, but they didn’t need to see the gunman coming in and hear the gunshots. They don’t need to relive that, they’ve been through enough.”

”They did that for ratings and they did that for money,” he said.

Mayor McLaughlin said he didn’t see the video, but noted one officer did try to enter the room three different times. 

Watch the clip below:

Such a tragedy and parents STILL don't have the answers they need as to why law enforcement waited SO long! 

Photo:AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

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