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'Big Brother' Is Back On Its Racist Bullsh!t, Black Pageant Queen Taylor Gets Bullied & Breaks Down Into Tears, Fans Demand CBS To Step In


After last year's EPIC "Cookout" alliance making history on one of tv's biggest show's every summer, this summer, "Big Brother" is back on its racist, sexist bullsh!t.  Now folks are calling for producers to step in and stop the disgusting bullying of one of the black female houseguests. 

The "Big Brother" house is already in shambles just days after its season 24 debut.  Taylor Hayle, who served as Miss Michigan 2021, came in to the house on premiere night super excited with sweet energy to join the game she just became a superfan of a couple of years ago.  Barely a few hours passed - and hardly ANY words out Taylor's mouth - before certain folks in the house zero'd in on her as a target.

Now, having a target is par for the course in Big Brother.  But not before you even have a conversation with the person.  Not before they even open their mouths.  Because, historically, "Big Brother" contestants at least try to act like they're not nominating the minority Houseguests first (people of color if there are any and the women in the house). But often, they're are still the first targets.

This go-round is different.  Houseguest Paloma - who is half Greek and half Latina - seemed to have it out for Taylor within the first hour of meeting her.  It was eve jarring for the rest of the Houseguests, but as usual, mob mentality took over and she rallied the girls to target Taylor for "not being a girl's girl" and "hanging out with the guys too much".  Taylor hadn't even been in the house for half a day before Paloma started making assumptions and telling ANYONE who would listen that Taylor MUST be planning to use her good looks and body to cozy up to men to win the game.

Yes, the jealousy was palpable and got even worse once Taylor was in her swimsuit chillin' by the pool.  Paloma started spreading COMPLETE assumptions and lies about Taylor, someone she hadn't even really spoken to yet.  She called her a "nasty witch", insinuated she's a jezebel, called her every name in the book, and this is after she was in her face telling her how pretty she was when they entered the house on premiere night.  It was jarring and out of the blue, as is most jealousy and berating of black women.

For some reason, the other houseguests - including the other black and biracial houseguests - joined in.  The microaggressions have been ridiculous since last Thursday's premiere night, and many started ostracizing her for no reason.  the bullying reached disgusting levels when Taylor was blindsided when she overheard Paloma talking mad ish about her in the next room.  It resulted in a complete breakdown into tears that was caught on the 24/7 Feeds (but not aired on the CBS show).

In a previous season, another black beauty queen, Bayleigh, was bullied so badly that her mouth was full of blood from biting it and yelling to defend herself from every single person ganging up on her endlessly - physically as well - for days on end. It's also interesting that the first thing Paloma said was "Taylor shouldn't have led with being a beauty queen." 


To reiterate, Taylor has not done anything to anyone in this house.  She hadn't even spoken but 10 words before all of this started, and they were to introduce herself.  She hasn't even had time to do soemthing to deserve this if she wanted to. It is a complete targeted attack based off jealousy and racism, and the usual mobb mentality settling in with everyone else ganging up on her.  The other "black people" in the house are too scared to speak up and appear to identify and align with the non black houseguests far more.

CBS has a history of covering up (for the network and packaged airings) the extreme racial and misogynistic bullying that happens, but can be seen on the 24/7 live feeds.  And fans this go-round aren't having it.

Even Xavier Prather, the historic winner of last year's season, issued a statement about the disgusting behavior against Taylor, who has no idea why she's even being attacked endlessly.



BB Fans, former contestants, and even show producers have gone on a rampage demanding production (with the power to do something) to step in as this is actually worse than previous years (at least after the disgusting white supremacist-filled season 15). The reactions to the disgust are far more vocal than ever before, and that should say plenty. We hear production members are wanting to step in, but the lead production person says they "don't want to ruin the season this early." Ummm, we guess a black woman feeling completely unsafe doesn't already render this ish ruined. It's hard to watch, and the ratings ma suffer once again because of it.

And, as usual, the houseguests start to realize their racism will be seen plainly and clearly on the live feeds, and they start to cry white tears.

In the past, contestants have gotten fired from their real life jobs for their disgusting racist behavior.

We know CBS and the masses often get off on seeing black women be destroyed and beaten down to the ground for no reason at all. They prove it by allowing it almost EVERY season on this show and many reality TV shows. But in 2022, folks need to speak up and get real about no longer allowing this. This is actually not what BB is about, unlike a Housewives show. CBS, get your ish together.


Photo: Taylor's IG

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