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Ne-Yo Had Plans To Sign Lucky Daye, But Changed His Mind After He Caught Lucky Smashing A Chick In His Bed


We love when celebs spill tea! Ne-Yo recently revealed he originally had plans to sign LuckyDaye, but he totally messed that up. The R&B crooner said he caught Lucky smashing a chick in his bed and that was enough for him to cut ties with him. Deets inside…


Before Lucky Daye became a Grammy winning singer, the New Orleans artist was trying to get his foot in the door in the music industry back in 2009. And he nabbed a major plug when he linked up with R&B crooner Ne-Yo. However, he fumbled the bag doing foolish things. 

During an appearance on the FAQ Podcast,Ne-Yo dropped some musical nuggets about Lucky’s early days in the industry. The Grammy winning singer-songwriter revealed Lucky actually wrote Jamie Foxx’s verse on “She Got Her Own,” featuring Fabolous, which is the remix to “Miss Independent.”

In fact, Lucky was supposed to sing Jamie’s part, but ish went left before it came into fruition.

The “Miss Independent” singer shared what Lucky did that made him cut ties with him.

“At the time, I was going out of town. I was going on a short lil’ run or whatever. I let Mr. Daye stay at my house. Right? At this point, I got this big beautiful house and I’m like ‘Bruh, you got full reign of the crib. Wherever you wanna go, whatever you wanna do, just don’t in my room. Master bedroom is off limits.’”

”I come back one morning, open the door, I don’t see this dude nowhere. [I] go upstairs to my room and sure enough, this n*gga is asleep, with a chick, in my bed.”



Peep the clip below:

Before the Lucky Daye tea, Ne-Yo spilled about the time music execs Jay-Z and L.A. Reid were right about “Closer,” a track he didn’t originally write for himself. Hov & Reid felt “Closer” was for him, but Ne-Yo didn’t agree.

“The record label hears it, Jay-Z declares it a single. Like, really? … Mind you, because I felt like it was such a far toss from what we had already been doing. I don’t see this working. Song comes out, first few months it’s not doing well.”

While the track didn’t take off eventually, he stuck with it and it eventually achieved the success he was looking for.

You can watch the full story about the track (at the 30:32-minute mark) and the full interview below:


Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock/Lucky's IG 

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