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FOOLYWANG: Brawl Breaks Out At Peaceful Rest Baptist Church During Funeral, One Man Charged


Not folks FIGHTING inside a church during a funeral! One man caught a charge after violence erupted during a funeral at Peaceful Rest Baptist Church. The irony. More inside…

If "on-sight" was a person.

Folks literally have no shame when it comes to making complete fools of themselves.

On Saturday, a fight broke out during a funeral in Shreveport for the victim of a fatal shooting. Just before noon, family and friends gathered at Peaceful Rest Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana to lay 24-year-old Orlando Puryear Jr. to rest. He was fatally shot inside of his car on the 4th of July.

According to Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, Orlando’s 52-year-old uncle, EndrickButler, started a fight. The fight broke out in the balcony and the choir didn't miss a beat.

Peep the clip that went viral below:



“I noticed the guy up in the second balcony up there, and he was standing over a guy,”said a woman who witnessed the brawl.“I didn’t know what they were doing. And then all of a sudden, I saw him choke this young man and then he pushed the young man down in the chair and started pounding on him.”

Yikes. The witness shared the fight lasted for about six minutes and it started right after the eulogy..

“When I fell down to the ground, I was crying and I just went into prayer,” she recalled.“About three, four other guys ran up and jumped over chairs; then they all started beating on this person, and they started throwing chairs.”

The Pastor announced they would not be going to the cemetery and then had everyone evacuated the church.

“We was shocked. It’s like, we didn’t know which way to go. We was just in shock that this had even happened.”

Orlando’s uncle was arrested for disturbing the peace. Luckily for him, the victim decided not to press charges.

Unfortunately, the person who shot Orlando is still on the loose. The 24-year-old was one of four people shot on July 4th in a rolling shootout on Jewella Ave. The remaining three victims are expected to recover. Police are still investigating the shooting.


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