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SPEAKING OUT: ‘McDonald’s Baby Mama’ Admits Viral Video Was NOT Staged, Explains WHY She Exposed Her Baby Daddy



The viral video of the angry mother who lashed out and exposed her baby daddy for only buying McDonald’s for his child and not the rest of her children has the Internet in a chokehold! Everyone is debating who was right and who was wrong. Now, the woman who made the video is spilling additional details about why she exposed her baby daddy. Hear what she said inside…

It’s the “baby mama/baby daddy” debate that has the Internet in a chokehold.

A video recently went viral showing an angry mother going OFF on her “baby daddy” for only buying a McDonald’s meal for HIS child with her and not her other three children. In the beginning of the clip, the woman said she wanted to expose her baby daddy so “people could see how he really is” after he showed up with food for only one of her four children.

Peep both clips below:



The heated exchange has social media users divided on who was right and who was wrong in this situation. Some users believe the woman is wrong because it’s not the man’s responsibility to take care of her other children. On the flip side, some users believe the man is wrong because if you’re going to get food for one child, you should get enough for everyone.

Also, folks were debating if the video was real or staged.



On her social media profiles, she says she does “baby mama skits, which she does. She also has a YouTube channel. That led folks to believe the video was fake.

In the viral clips, you can hear the man calling the woman “Lisa,” however, a woman on Facebook named Eliz McGlaston claims she’s the owner of the video.

After receiving tons of backlash, the woman hopped on Facebook (and TikTok) to clear everything up. First, she confirmed the altercation was NOT staged and that it was real.

”I have four kids,” she said, breaking down their situation. “You knew the situation when you dated me. Our child is the youngest child, so keep that in mind before y’all make me the villain.”

The woman said her baby daddy was buying ALL her children food when they were together, but he stopped when they broke up. She said her other children know the food is coming from him and she doesn’t think it’s fair that they have to watch their sibling eat in front of them.

”To me, that’s petty! It’s not fair,” she said. “You’re not finna give one child McDonald’s and not all the other kids McDonald’s.”

Oh, and get this. Apparently, they are still sleeping together.

”You mean to tell me you can dip and dab, and want to ‘do it’ sometimes, but yet you can’t feed all my other kids McDonald’s though? I’m not going for that!”

She said what she said.

Watch her reaction video below:



So, we have to ask...who was right and who was wrong? 

Photo: Facebook

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