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Giveon Was Joking When He Blamed BET For Botched Awards Performance, Serves Up Perfectly Pitched Vocals On ‘FALLON’


Giveon’s2022 BET Awards performance was less than stellar, which quickly caused him to go viral. After his performance, he blamed BET for “sabotaging” his microphone and -literally - know one bought it. Now, he claims he was joking. Find out more inside…

Giveon’s performance at the 2022 BET Awards became one of the night’s biggest highlights, but not because it was so great. Unfortunately, the LA native suffered a microphone malfunction that quickly turned into a viral moment as memes and gifs of the musical snafu flooded everyone’s timeline.

The 27-year-old artist sang a medley of "Heartbreak Anniversary," "For Tonight," and his new single “Lie Again" during the show, and it was clear from the very beginning that something was … off. Cameras caught him tugging at his in-ear monitor during the performance and his vocals were off key.

Peep the clip below:



BET posted his performance, however, they tweaked his live vocals in the YouTube clip:


After the show, Giveon hopped on Twitter to “blast” BET for “sabotaging” his performance, and he showed empathy for Lil Nas X’s frustrations with the awards show.



”Not @BET sabotaging my mic …..@LilNasX I get it!!!!,” he tweeted.


Like many others, actress Yvette Nicole Brown called BS! She hopped in the comments on The Jasmine Brand and said:

”It wasn’t the mic and it wasn’t the in-ear monitors. It was that he wasn’t being autotune…which he must rely on usually. He seemed shocked by it all himself. If it was the mic we wouldn’t have been able to hear him. If it was the in-ear monitors, he could’ve taken them out and heard himself to adjust his pitch. I’m old enough to remember that to be a singer you used to had to have great tone AND great pitch. There were no knobs you could turn in the studio or microphones with autotune enabled that you could sing thru on stage to SOUND like you actually had great pitch. The truth of someone’s real talent is always revealed. Singing live on shows where they don’t have control of the setup often tells the tale. It appears to have done just that last night.”


Last night, Giveon appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to address the viral moment.

"Oh god, you've seen it,” Giveon said to Jimmy.“I had a technical difficulty for sure."

Poking fun at the microphone malfunction, Jimmy pulled out a microphone that was distorted and asked him to explain what had happened.

”Oh, my — Is this the same mic? I don’t know if I trust the mic,” Giveon said before grabbing the distorted microphone.

"Yes, I was joking. BET did not sabotage me. I'm positive BET supports me and would never purposefully alter my voice," Giveon said as they changed the pitch of his voice. “Anyway, I'm happy to be here, so happy to be here. And I know I can trust you guys, so thank you."

Check out his interview - where he also talked about his Met Gala experience, being a server at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, and singing for SZA while dressed in a Shrimp costume - below:

The soulful singer also performed his new single “Lie Again,” a track from his his debut album, Give or Take. Watch and listen to his pitch perfect performance below:

We came across this TikTok video explaining how it wasn’t Giveon’s fault for the botched performance. They say the blame should be placed on the person who was in charge of the live autotune on his voice. Watch the clip below:



Makes sense.

Photo: Todd Owyoung/NBC

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