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Sha’Carri Richardson Checks The Media & 'Haters' After World Championship Elimination - ‘I Would Say Kiss My A**, But Y’all Can’t Afford It’


Sha’Carri Richardson had plenty to say after she failed to qualify for the world championship team. She popped off on the media and then shared a video of her a** specifically for her haters. See what type Sha’Carri energy is on inside…

Win or lose, track star Sha’Carri Richardson is going to speak her mind. And she doesn’t care who likes it.

On Sunday, the 22-year-old - who was once considered the fastest woman in the country - had a trying time at the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships, where she failed to qualify for the world championships. She came in fifth place with a time of 22.47 seconds at the 200-meter semifinals in Eugene, Oregon. She was competing for a spot on Team USA at the 2022 World Athletics Championship.

Watch the outspoken sprinter in action below:

After the match, Sha’Carri refused to speak to the media. Watch her ignore questions from reporters below:



On her way out, the Dallas native ran into FloTrack and she didn't hesitate to share exactly how she was feeling after the loss.



”What I have to say, y'all can all take this interview and do whatever you want to do with it. I'm coming to speak, not on just on my behalf, but on all athletes' behalf, that when you guys do interviews, y'all should respect athletes more,” she said. ”Y’all should understand them, coming from whether they're winning, whether they're losing, whatever the case may be, athletes deserve way more respect than when y'all just come and throw cameras into their faces.”

The popular sprinter said the media should learn to be more compassionate with their questioning.

”Understand how an athlete operates and then ask your questions. Then be more understanding of the fact that they are still human, no matter just to the fact that y'all are just trying to get something to put out in an article to make a dollar. Thank you," she concluded. 

Peep the clip above.

Following the drama at the track meet, Sha’Carri hopped on social media to send a special message to all of her haters.



”I normally don't be making videos to post on here 'cause I really don't got nothing to explain to y'all," she said in an IG clip. "But, to my supporters, I wanna thank y'all. It's been a long road. Ain't over yet. To my haters, I got another video for y'all."

In the next clip, she laid back with her legs in the air and captioned, “To the one that swear they know me & my story and think track run my life.”

"I would say kiss my a**, but y'all can't afford it," she ended the video. Watch the clip above.

The famed sprinter then took to Twitter to clap back at trolls:







Last year, She’ Carri made headlines when she was banned from competing at the Tokyo Olympics after she tested positive for marijuana.

A month later, she was set to make a big return, however her comeback didn't go as planned. She came in last place in the women's 100m at the Nike Prefontaine Classic where she was up against a solid lineup of 8 female sprinters, including Jamaican sprinters ElaineThompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and SherickaJackson, who took 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in the 100m at The Games in Tokyo.

Photos: AP Photo/Ashley Landis/Instagram 

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