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Black Bride Cover Girl Sloane Stephens Preps For Wimbledon, Drops Ridiculously Cute Skinecare Routine With Soccer Star Hubby Jozy Altidore


New wife Sloane Stephens is gearing up for Wimbledon, just a few weeks after competing in the French Open. See how the Black Bride cover girl is gearing up to nab the title, plus this super cute skincare video she made with her soccer star hubby Jozy Altidore inside…

Tennis queen SloaneStephens is gearing up to compete in Wimbledon 2022, which means grass court!

Peep a clip from practice below:

Before the 29-year-old hits the green turf to compete for a grand slam title, Sloane spoked with The Healthy Reader’s Digest about how she’s managing her mental wellness, the trick she uses to stay loose during a tournament, and the work she's doing to make tennis more accessible.

“I think exercise is a huge part of how we feel,” she spilled.  “If I’m just at home being lazy, I try to go outside and go for a walk, I try to get up and do some stretching. It just makes me feel better in general and I think it’s an easy way to boost your mood. You don’t have to go for a 30-minute run. You can literally do yoga poses, you can do some stretching, you can do some things that are still getting yourself active to help with that mental fatigue that I think a lot of us feel, especially after COVID.”



Last month, No. 18 seed CocoGauff ousted Sloane from the 2022 French Open in the quarterfinals after a 7-5, 6-2 win.

“There are so many things that can happen that can turn a season around, or a match around, that you have to have the mindset of being always ready to take advantage of whatever opportunities confront you,” she said. “I’ve been in that position. I’ve lost four first rounds in a row and then ended up going and making the quarterfinals at the French Open. There’s a lot to be said for people who are able to bounce back and take a terrible loss and turn it into something good. I think the people who manage that . . . have the better results.”

Overall, she said, her secret to resilience is simple. “I just try to stay positive. Obviously it’s not easy, but staying positive is the only way to get you through.”

Not only is Sloane on a mission on the court, she’s on one off the court as well. And she’s mainly putting in work to help other young, black females get an opportunity to play tennis via her organization, The Sloane Stephens Foundation.

“Being able to teach tennis to people who normally wouldn’t be able to learn, or give kids the opportunity who normally wouldn’t be able to pick up a racket, that’s super important,” Sloane said.

“That’s building communities where maybe their kids will end up playing tennis. And for me, that’s what growing the game is. Obviously, playing tennis and being on TV every week is cool—but it’s not cool if kids aren’t picking up rackets because they just can’t. You want people to see you and say, ‘Oh, I want to play tennis,’ and then actually be able to go and get a tennis racket and ball and have somewhere to play.”


Exercise is important for your health, but so is self care. Sloane doesn’t miss out on taking care of herself and neither does her new husband/soccer star Jozy Altidore. The beautiful couple - who tied the knot in January 2022 - shared a ridiculously cute skincare routine video that we didn’t know we needed:



Loves it!

On the magazine circuit…



The new bride looked ravishingly beautiful on the latest cover of Black Bride magazine.



Whew! Just GORGEOUS.




Sloane recently made an appearance at the White House to introduce Madam Vice President KamalaHarris as she launched the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse. They were joined by senior government officials, survivors, and victims advocates who all shared experiences and recommendations for the Task Force.




Sloane Stephens will go against ZhengQinwen in Round 1 of the women’s singles at Wimbledon set for Tuesday, June 28th. Fingers crossed.

Photo:  Sloane's IG

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