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Debate RAGES About Beyonce, Drake’s House-Inspired Albums & The REAL Origins Of House Music


Folks are having a HOUSE debate following the release of Beyonce& Drake’s house-inspired projects. Find out what folks are saying and share your two cents inside…

It’s the revival of 90s House Music. And with the way the world is going, we need it.

The masses are still in a frenzy after Beyonce returned with her comeback single “Break My Soul,” which serves as the first single from her forthcoming album, ACT 1 Renaissance, ahead of its July 29th premiere. The new song is a dance-heavy, disco-themed anthem perfect for Summer ’22.



Meanwhile, Drake released a House-inspired new album titled, Honestly, Nevermind, a few days before Bey’s big release. Several tracks on the album serve up 90s House music vibes, encouraging fans to let loose.



Some love it, some hate it. Drizzy fans have been coming to his defense to fight off the negative critiques about his album:




Now, fans are debating about the REAL orgins of House Music.



“House music is BLACK music!,” a Twitter user wrote.“The music genre's roots can be traced back to Black DJs/artists in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, NJ, and Detroit! Your white faves did NOT invent house music or influence a Black woman who clearly knows where house music originated from! Know this!”



”House music then took over Europe and even when it did BLACK people in Europe were STILL holding it down abroad!,” she continued.






”Saw somewhere people didn't know House music was black music...little secret....all music is black music,” a music fan tweeted.



”House music isn’t being “reclaimed”. Black people have been continuing to make house music. They didn’t stop when the 90s ended, lol,” someone else wrote.

One person wrote, “But why would Beyoncé hit up South Africans for a DANCE/DISCO song? Maybe we should make sure about the origins of the genre before chatting?”



Another user responded, “House originated from the US, Chicago to be exact. In fact Kwaito music was built from sampling and slowing down house tracks from the US. The template for what we know as Kwaito music production is actually inspired by Black Box's Fantasy (sang by Martha Wash).”

Folks are schooling the masses about the origins of House Music on social media:











Check out more reactions to Bey & Drizzle’s house revival projects below:








Why do you think Bey & Drake changed up their sounds?

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