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Normani Spotted Out At Dinner With Seahawks Baller DK Metcalf (PICS)


Whether it's all for PR or just for a fun time....we're here for this lil pairing.  Our girl Normani was spotted out at dinner at celeb hotspot Giorgio Baldi the other night with star NFL baller DK Metcalf.  And sis looked a bit surprised when the cameras caught them leaving together.  Deets inside.

Listen, we're not saying they're on their way to a proposal and marriage or anything, but it wouldn't be crazy to say this was indeed a date.  Or at least a lil chat-n-chew to get to know each other.

25-year-old Normani, dressed in a sexy little black dress and looking fab as usual, was spotted leaving paparazzi heavy Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica the other night with 24-year-old star wide receiver for the Seahawks and Pro Bowler DK Metcalf.


The "Fair" singer has been pushing her new music and awaiting her label to go ahead and drop her reportedly finished debut album, so we wouldn't be shocked if this sighting was a bit intentional to get some buzz going.

Both are single, FINE, high profile and making some serious coin out here, so it wouldn't be the worst thing if they were getting to know each other on the dating tip...

DK was caught up in a bit of a nonscandal scandal a few months ago when a woman took to TikTok to blast him for asking her to join a foursome back at his place. It's not like he's in a relationship so it's not really a scandal.

DeKaylin Zecharius "DK" Metcalf also went viral when he showed up to his pre-Draft interview back in April shirtless...and it made coach Pete Carroll want to flex too.


DK has also become super close friends with now former teammate Russell Wilson who took him under his wing as soon as he was drafted.  We wouldn't be shocked if Russell and CiCi made that intro, seeing that Ciara and Normani have become close as of late.



Regardless of how this all came about, we are not mad, Normani.


Not mad at all....


Photos: DFree/Shutterstock.com, Instagram

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