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Nick Cannon Confirmed As Father of Abby De La Rosa’s Baby Girl On The Way?


Days after Abby De La Rosa, the mother of one set of Nick Cannon's twins, revealed she's expecting a baby girl, sources now confirm he is, in fact, that baby's father as well.


Deets inside.

We can't say we're shocked.  That shock wore off after we first learned another one of Nick's umpteen baby's mothers was pregnant again. DJ Abby De La Rosa took to her OnlyFans page (chile...) to do a gender reveal after revealing she's expecting again.  And we've learned it's a girl.


Her and Nick's twin boys Zillion and Zion turn 1 this month, so she moved quickly with this new pregnancy. 

Abby herself hasn't confirmed yet who the father is, but most of us figured it's Nick.  Now, according to TMZ, he def is the pappy.

"Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Abby's due on October 25, the two welcomed twins together about a year ago."

Welp, we'll know for sure once the King of Maternity Shoots shows up in Abby's maternity pics.  If he has time to fit the shoot in, that is.  He just wrapped one with Bri Tiesi, who is also currently pregnant with his child.  And folks still don't know if he's the father of his ex girlfriend Lanisha Cole's baby that is on the way.

Something tells us we need to expect at least a few more maternity shoots starring Nick Cannon in 2022, seeing that he said so himself on a recent episode of the Lip Service podcast.

When asked about rumors that he has THREE more children on the way (rumors are spreading that the mother of 2 of his kids, Brittany Bell, is pregnant again as well), he responded.

”When you say on the way,” he said to the hosts, before laughing. “What count you at?! The stork is on the way.”

The father-of-eight added,“If you thought the numbers I put up in 2021… It was a lot of kids last year.”

You'll recall, he welcomed four children in one year.  Bre's baby makes for baby #8 and Abby's third child makes fore Baby #9.

Meanwhile, Nick seems to have plenty of jokes because he's starring in a Gin ad where he mixes up his custom drink called "The Vasectomy".





Photo: Instagram

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