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WATCH: Young Thug ARRESTED At His ATL Mansion, Gunna Also Charged As 28 YSL Associates Face RICO Charges In 56-Count Indictment


Rappers Young Thug and Gunna are facing RICO charges in a 56-count indictment that includes 28 members and associates of Thugga’s YSL (Young Slime Life) camp. It all seemingly started in 2015 when Thugga allegedly rented a car that was used in a deadly drive-by shooting of a rival gang member, among other alleged crimes.


See Young Thug’s arrest and mugshot inside…

Rapper Young Thug was arrested Monday at his Atlanta home after he was named in a 56-count indictment that also includes rapper Gunna as well as members and associates of Thugga’s “Young Slime Life,” which prosecutors have labeled a criminal street gang that was formed in 2012. YSL is also the name of Young Thug’s record label.

The 30-year-old rapper (real name Jeffery Lamar Williams) was booked into the Fulton County Jail following his arrest after he was named as one of 28 people in a 56-count indictment. Thug specifically was hit with two charges, which includes violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, Act and participating in criminal street gang activity, according to court documents.  It's important to note, the Feds have a 99% success rate in prosecuting RICO charges.

Young Thug is alleged to be one of three founding members of YSL and that the group claims affiliation with the the national Bloods gang, according to the indictment.



The 56-count indictment names 28 alleged associates of “YSL,” including rapper Gunna, whose legal name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens. The "Pushing P" rapper - who has been rumored to be dating singer Chloe Bailey - was hit with a RICO conspiracy charge. As of the time of this post, Gunna has not been booked in jail.


Others named in the indictment face charges, including murder, assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery. One YSL affiliate was charged with shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus while he was performing in Atlanta in 2015. According to the indictment, Jimmy Winfrey is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Watch Thugga get arrested at his rented Buckhead home below:

And here’s his mugshot:


Turns out, the feds have been building a case since 2015 against Thugga with accusations of racketeering activity between January 2013 and May 2022. In 2015, the rapper allegedly rented an Infiniti Q50 sedan in his name that was used in a deadly drive-by shooting that killed rival gang member Donovan “Peanut” Thomas Jr.



According to the indictment, Thugga posted a video on social media 16 days after the shooting where he said others who “tell the God’s honest truth” in the courtroom “need to get (expletive) killed bro, from me and YSL.”



This killing launched the gang war between Young Thug and YFN Lucci (real name Rayshawn Bennett), who is the ex-boyfriend of Reginae Carter(Lil Wayne's daughter). The gang war has been going on for the last seven years with diss tracks, Instagram posts and actual murders of rival gang members.

Prosecutors said Thugga and his associates promoted YSL’s interests on social media and through their music.

Christian Eppinger, who has been accused of shooting a Atlanta police officer six times in a February shooting, was also included in the indictment. He’s known as “Big Bhris,” a Bloods gang member and aspiring rapper connected to the YSL crew. He’s facing 15 NEW charges after Monday’s indictment, including attempted murder.

Rapper YFN Lucci has been sitting in Fulton County jail on murder and racketeering charges for the last year after a botched drive-by left one of his friends dead. In court documents, Lucci said he was stabbed in jail two days after Big Bhris was arrested. Yikes.

Atlanta reporter George Chidi has been following the gang violence in Atlanta, piecing together murders that are connected in an attempt to find ways to crack down on the city’s violence.

Remember when Young Thug’s baby’s mother was tragically killed outside of a bowling alley back in March?

Reporter Chidi believes it’s possibly connected to the gang war that has been plaguing the city. LaKevia Jackson - the mother of Thugga’s 14-year-old son Kyvion - was shot dead after getting into an argument over a bowling ball. The shooter waited 20 minutes before gunning her down in the parking lot at the Metro Fun Center.

Thugga is expected to appear for his first court appearance Tuesday morning. We’ll keep you posted.

It appears Chloe Bailey and Reginae Carter dodged a bullet...literally. 

Photos: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock/Instagram/Fulton County Jail

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