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DaBaby Reacts To Footage From Deadly 2018 Walmart Shooting Resurfacing + Video Of DaBaby Fighting His Artist ‘Wisdom’ Goes Viral


DaBaby stays in all DaDrama it seems.

Over the weekend, a video of the rapper fighting his artist Wisdom at an event went viral. Right after that, video footage from the 2018 deadly Walmart shooting where the rapper took the life of teen resurfaced. Now, he’s responding. Get it all inside…

It seems DaBaby’s name infamously stays in the headlines. And not because of his music.

The North Carolina native seems to find himself in questionable drama quite a bit, whether its arguing on social media with one of his baby’s mothers, putting his paws on someone (ondifferent occasions), or even being involved in a shooting. This man stays in SOMETHING.

Days after allegedly shooting an intruder who trespassed on his property, the “Rockstar” rapper was involved in a physical altercation with his artist Wisdom, who is signed to DaBaby’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label. Apparently, DaBaby & Wisdom got into a heated argument backstage at Spring Jam 2022 inside the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday night (April 22nd) that boiled over.

In the clip posted to social, you can see what appears to be the “SUGE” rapper swinging on Wisdom before his artist swings back. Security guards and police quickly jumped in to end the fight as the two men yell obscenities at one another. 

Watch the clip below:



It doesn’t appear anyone was hurt, thankfully.

Before folks could start twitter threads about the fight, ANOTHER video of DaBaby is released, which also goes viral.

Rolling Stone posted a video that has caused folks to speculate DaBaby’s “self-defense” claim made in 2018 when he shot and killed a teenager inside of a Walmart in Huntersville, N.C. The controversial rapper was reportedly involved in a deadly shooting that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Jaylin Craig.

The 30-year-old rapper (who was 27 at the time of the shooting) was initially charged with murder before the charges were eventually lowered to a misdemeanor of carrying a concealed weapon after a judge ruled he had acted in self-defense. The charges ended up being dismissed in March 2019 after a key witness failed to show up in court.

Never-before-seen security camera footage of the incident, which took place on November 5, 2018, shows the “BOP” rapper (real name JonathanKirk) fighting with teenagers, Henry Douglas and JaylinCraig. At one point, it appears Jaylin pulls out a gun and it is unclear what he does with it next. The clip then cuts to DaBaby taking out his gun and firing several shots.

You can watch the clip below. WARNING - the video could be triggering for some people.



The clip seemingly goes against the story DaBaby shared in a social media video after the shooting. He said two people with guns approached him who could have harmed him, his daughter and his son.

”Daughter could have got hit, son could have got hit [and] me," he said in the 2018 IG video.“F*ckin' lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, f*ck all that. Two n****s walk down on you and your whole motherf*cking family, threaten y'all, whip out on y'all, n****s, let me see what y'all gon' do." 

Now, it’s unclear what happened before the camera captured that portion of the fight, so what he shared on social media could have possibly happened. While he looks lik ethe aggressor in the video, it's unclear what happened before that. 

Legal analyst EmilyBaker told Rolling Stone that the shooting might not be so clear-cut because witnesses claimed to have seen Jaylin with a gun, despite DaBaby appearing to be the one who started the fight in the video.

”It is not a 'These people rolled up on me and tried to roll me, and I had to defend myself,'" she said. "That's not what this video shows. This video shows a fight that got way out of hand very fast, and that resulted in somebody dying."

The site also shared a statement from a representative for the district attorney's office, which noted it had "reviewed the police investigative file" and agreed with the police not to charge Mr. Kirk further. This was due to the fact that prosecutors could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act in self-defense." 

The family of the Jailyn is saying this proves their story that this was not an act of self defense like Da Baby claims.

After the clip started going viral, the “NASTY” rapper hopped on Instagram to react. He shared the viral clip of singer Tyrese crying about paying child support with the caption, “No disrespect to my boy Tyrese man but what y’all niggas got goin on bruh?? #WhatMoreDoYouWANTfromMEEEEE ? Somebody behind the scenes on my ass ain’t it ?”

Check it:



DaBaby’s weekend drama comes on the heels of another shooting he was involved in. 

Earlier this month, DaBaby reportedly shot an intruder who trespassed at his home in Troutman, North Carolina. The victim suffered non-threatening injuries.

In February 2022, he was involved in an insane brawl inside of a California bowling alley with his daughter’s uncle, which also went viral. BrandonBills, the brother of his baby mama DaniLeigh, is suing the rapper for the bowling alley fight while DaBaby claims "self-defense."


Photo: DFree/Shutterstock


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