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Solange Starts Trending After Unconfirmed Rumors Spread That She’s Set To Become A Grandmother At 35


Solange became a hot topic on social media after a rumor started that said her 17-year-old son, JulezSmith, got a girl pregnant and is expecting a baby, which would make Solo a grandmother at the age of 35. But how real is it all?  More inside…

Chile, the internet is saying Solange Knowles is about to be a grandmother at the age of 35!

A little over a week ago, Tina Knowles Lawson - Beyonce & Solange’s mother - was sharing the Instagram handle of her 17-year-old grandson Daniel “Julez” Smith as he made his return to social media following some previous drama.

It didn’t take long before the teenager got caught up in MORE online drama, causing Mama Tina to scrub the post from her timeline. Yep. The post she shared to her followers of her grandson’s new IG account is gone from her timeline. The reason? It likely has to do with rumors that he got a young woman pregnant and that his mother is about to become a grandmother.

A young lady who goes by the name “Adore” shared alleged screenshots of text messages between herself and Julez in a now-deleted Instagram post where he calls her the mother of his child.  She also posted alleged texts of between them of sexual nature.



The girl seems upset with Julez as she exposes their secret conversations, writing in the caption of the screenshots, “weirdoooooooo since you wanna be disrespectfullllllll and gotta louddddddd mouthhhhh mine is louder trust I’m not even gone get Tinto the real and actually embarrass you,” she wrote in the comments.

In the text exchange, the teenagers talked about how they plan on conceiving said child and in another conversation Julez asked Adore if she plans on taking Plan B. In one text, Julez seemingly threw shade at his mother, who had him at the age of 17.

“N**** my mom didn’t have eyes on her at that age,” Julez supposedly wrote.

As expected, folks started flooding her IG comments with backlash, accusing her of clout chasing.  She then popped back on IG Stories. It seems she has several IG handles, including @dontcareabtnunyoutb and @demontimeadore.

”I make over 30K a month baby you have no money that I want I’ve been had 100K, 80K, 70K, 60K, 50K, 40K, 30K, 20K followers before I dont need clout from anyone just don’t think your about to hurt me & several other girls and get away with it period I was too nice to you even after all the stuff you said," she wrote.

Check out more of her posts below:




The pregnancy drama caused Solange to trend on social media:



Bey's nephew hopped on his IG Stories to put the rumors to rest, sharing a screenshot of a text message from Adore which said, “Julezzzzz, tell them it’s fakeee. Pleaseeeee.”

“Now usually I wouldn’t speak on this typa stuff but this time I’m not gonna let y’all drag my family for something that’s fabricated."

He doubled down on the false pregnancy rumors, writing,“This text was from today, she wants y’all to know it’s fake.”

Well, there you have it.

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