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BBHMM: Comic Lauren Knight Wants $1M T.I. Promised After Calling Her A ‘B****’ During Heated Exchange Over Sexual Abuse Jokes


T.I. got into a heated exchange with aspiring comedienne Lauren Knight during a comedy show in Atlanta. She says the rapper kept heckling her - calling her a “b****” and telling her to take her wig off - so she popped back, saying she’ll take her wig off when he addresses the multiple sexual abuse allegations made against him. That’s when ish hit the fan. More inside...

Whew, Chile!

Tensions boiled over during an open-mic comedy night at Our Bar in Atlanta where rapper T.I. - who has been working his way into the comedy game - was in attendance. It was a verbal Will Smith Oscars 2.0 situation.

The comedienne - Lauren Knight - mentioned the sexual assault allegations made against the self-proclaimed Kang of the South and his wife, XSCAPE singer Tiny Harris, AFTER he kept heckling her. In a clip, you see and hear the “Whatever You Like” rapper - who clearly got in his feelings - yelling at her to “take the wig off.”

Soon after, the Atlanta rapper gets ON STAGE to address Lauren’s jokes about the sexual assault allegations made against him to the audience. Then, he reaches out for a hug and aggressively says things in her ear. It was uncomfortable to watch, especially with security in front WATCHING everything go down and doing nothing.

Below are the clips of their exchange:

"There was no f****** crime. There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife," T.I said. "Shut the f**k up for a second! As many times as you joke on that s**t, n***a, I'm gonna check yo mother f**kin' a** as long as it takes. N***a, when you stop talking about it, when you stop playing with me and mine, I'ma stop saying something,” the rapper said after snatching her microphone.



The clips from the comedy show started to go viral, which caused Lauren to take to Instagram to explain what actually happened. She said Tip kept heckling her, called her a “bitch” and told her she needed to “shut the f*ck up.”

Check it:


Once Tip got wind of her explanation, he hopped on IG Live - that Lauren was watching - to refute he ever called her out of her name.

”Give me video where I called you a b*tch, I'll give you a million dollars," he ranted. 

Well, the Internet did JUST THAT. Someone posted a surveillance video of Tip in the crowd, yelling out “B****” as she was on stage. And Lauren wants her $1 million!

Peep the receipts below:

"See it went from something simple that should’ve got squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me to justify some bullshit,” Lauren wrote in the caption of a video of Tip’s rant about NOT calling her out of her name.

“Everybody is tripping. I just wanna do comedy. @troubleman31 run me my million. We ended on a positive note now you lying and saying shit to weaponize your fan base and THAT I’m not here for. Idgaf about how y’all feel I’m here for the truth. I’m getting death threats and harassed cause a nigga wanna lie. That’s lame as hell. This shit is aggy and most importantly I have no reason to lie. Oh btw— $lkcomedy #imserious #maddangerous,” she continued.

In Lauren's comments, Sabrina Peterson, revealed the clip of T.I. confronting Lauren "more than triggered" her. You'll recall, she's the woman the woman who accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head (and sued) before sharing numerous accusations of sexual abuse against Tip AND his wife. 

"The sad part is if you didn’t have that footage his lies would have cost you your career. Love & light! Protect black women I was more than triggered watching him walk up on you but the blessing was he didn’t have a gun like he did me. I’m a woman first & if we don’t ride for us then no one will," she wrote.

Not long after her post, T.I. shared a clip of himself giving his public “apology” to Lauren while introducing her to his fan base on social media:


”I’ve said from my entrance into the world of comedy that I intend to use my light to shine on others,” Tip wrote. “To bring awareness to those who also have love and respect for the art form. In the spirit of that... Everyone I'd like to introduce you to @sheslaurenk she's a young up & coming comic on the scene in Atlanta check her out. She's a young black women fighting to use her voice for laughter & I understand that may take us down dark roads at times but there's always an opportunity to find a beacon of light & produce a positive outcome. As i say all the time... all ships rise with the high tide. May she use whatever fame & notoriety she receives for good. I wish you the best & hope you bring the world more joy & laughter with the light you receive. I've done my part here... moving on. Love & Respect”

Yeah that’s nice and all, but are you going to pay this woman her money? Tip said he’d give her one million dollars if she showed him a video of him calling her out of her name and she did it. Where’s the cash Clifford??


Photo: Michael A. Walker Jr./Shutterstock

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