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Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, Ray Jackson & Jalen Rose - Fab Five CELEBRATES Michigan’s Big Win During March Madness


The Fab Five reunites at March Madness! ChrisWebber, Ray Jackson, Jalen Rose joined Michigan’s head coach/their former teammate Juwan Howard in celebration after the Wolverines defeated third-ranked Tennessee Volunteers in an upset win. Watch the former teammates get lit together after the huge win inside…

Former Wolverines Fab Five members Chris Webber, Ray Jackson, Juwan Howard and Jalen Rosewere in the mix to see it.



Pure black boy joy ensued between Chris and Ray when they met up with Juwan on the court to celebrate Michigan’s win with the “Old Man Happy Dance.” Get into it below:



Here’s another angle of their celebration:



Love to see it. 

Chris and Ray were ecstatic over the win, hitting up the locker room with the players to give speeches and more. Check it out below:





"It was a beautiful moment to be here and to be with guys that I've been in the trenches with, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson," Juwan said."To see them out here supporting this team and taking time from their schedule, away from their families, it means a lot. I will never forget this day, and I appreciate all the support. They have behind the scenes been in my corner from Day 1."

Although it was all smiles and celebrations for Juwan, he did stop to hug one of the players from Tennessee who was crying. Watch the touching moment below:



Juwan, Chris, Ray, Jalen and Jimmy King made up Michgan’s 1991 recruiting class that led the Wolverines to consecutive national championship game appearances. Unfortunately, their reputation was tainted with one of basketball’s biggest scandals after Chris was accused of accepting money from former booster Ed Martin.

Due to his role in the scandal, Chris was convicted of perjury and BANNED from associating with the University of Michigan until 2013, which was the same year four of his Michigan teammates got together for Michigan's appearance in the national championship game against Louisville. For that game, Chris chose to watch the game from a private suite. Over the years, Jalen and Chris have engaged in several public spats, leading fans to believe that they would never mend their friendship.

As time has gone on, it appears they are letting bygones be bygones. And we’re glad to see it.



Next, the Wolverines are headed to San Antonio to play on Thursday in the Sweet 16. Good luck!


Photos: Chris's IG/Screenshot  

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