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Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden's Interview: Nicki Shares Lil Wayne ‘Butt’ Jokes Led To Her Getting A** Shots, Gives Lil Kim Props, Talks Rap Bullies & Moguls


Nicki Minaj is back and she’s sharing everything that has been on her mind as she gears up for a post-baby comeback. In a candid interview with fellow rapper JoeBudden, the female rap star opens up about how LilWayne’s jokes about her butt weighed on her decision to get a** shots, she spills tea on Future, gives LilKim her props, she gets vulnerable while talking about rap bullies, what she believes is mogul status and more.

Get it all inside…

Nicki Minaj is back.

The NYC raptress took some time off after giving birth to her son, whom she affectionately calls PapaBear, and she’s ready to solidify herself as a rap mogul.

Throughout her career, there has always been chatter about whether or not her “ass”ets are natural and she never really directly confirmed or denied.

In a candid interview with fellow rapper JoeBudden, the QUEEN raptress gets real about her body enhancements and ultimately what led her to receiving a** shots. Coming into the rap game, social media was brand new, so she said she was people’s “guinea pig.”

”I was one of the first people to be shitted on on social media," she explained."It wasn’t acceptable to have surgery at all or anything. At that time, I didn’t have surgery. I had a** shots, which till this day I realized…even what I did and even with me not consulting with anyone to do something like that...how insane that was. It’s not like you’re going to a doctor, a professional person. No. It’s some random person, comes in. I was in Atlanta at the time.”

At that time, Nicki said she was hanging around Lil Wayne and the Young Money crew a lot. She said Wayne loves big booties and he would always have a new chick (“a new big booty”) in the studio, every session. She dubbed them her “muses” and said she would never downplay them because “they would give him that fuel.”

Over time, Nicki became the “little sister” with the Young Money crew and all they would talk about was “...big butts. I didn’t feel complete or good enough. Good as them girls," she said.

They jokingly said things about Nicki’s butt and she didn’t find it funny.



“It wasn’t a joke to me. I was laughing, but I didn’t find it funny,” she said.

Looking back, she said they didn’t realize her insecurities.

Joe and Nicki talked about the “female rapper starter kit” and how the new girls coming out seem to mimic the “pink wig, thick a**” aesthetic that she debuted.

“That was just a Nicki Minaj thing. Now, it’s everybody,” she said.

While talking about being a role model for kids, Nicki spilled deets from a conversation with Future in the studio. She said Future told her (while laughing) that people think he does a lot of drugs because he raps about it all the time, but they don’t know he’s really a lightweight. Interesting.

At that moment, she realized how impactful their lyrics are to their fans, regardless if they want to be a role model. On the flip side, she said you can’t fault an artist for their art.

”Even though we are role models, you’re bad because you rap about that. It’s art!,” she said.

The Pink Friday rapper said it's insane rappers’ lyrics are being used against them in court cases before comparing rappers to actors. “It’s not like they do that to actors,” she said.

”Rap is the only culture that from the beginning of time has been vilified. From the very beginning, we have been treated like the bad guy,” Nicki said.

When Nicki thinks of being a mogul there are several things she feels she has to accomplish.

”All of my beauty deals. Makeup, hair, clothes, and sneakers. I have them happening,” she spilled.

At one point, Nicki had to put things on pause because she wanted to negotiate deals when she’s at the top of her game.

Since Nicki hit the scene, she has always made a point NOT to group herself with other female rappers because she always felt she could rap just as good, if not better, than the male rappers. "Rap bullies" tried to make her feel like she shouldn’t have that mindset.

”I fell in love with who spit the hottest rap and who spit the hottest verse on this song. So, I gravitated to Foxy Brown because I felt like she used to spit like a dude. Her precision was just like, even to this day I think her precision and the way she pronounces everything and her clarity is just unmatched and that’s who I wanted to be like. I was never thinking about what everybody probably thought I was thinking about,” she said. “I was thinking about who had the better verse on tracks.”

”At one point people tried to bully me out of that mindset, so that the bar could be lowered for women. Why does it have to be about dope raps?”

She said no one would ever tell Michael Jordan basketball isn’t about stats and that no one would tell Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali it shouldn’t be about their technique.

”No one would ever say that. But as soon as it comes to female rap, they want me to start lowering the bar,” she said.



At one point during the interview, the “Beam Me Up Scotty” rapper gave props to her rap nemesis, whom she was arguably extremely influenced by, Lil Kim, for being a trendsetter for female rappers and said she should have been on the VOGUE cover. Peep the clip above.

Also in the conversation, the new mom shared how everything slowed down after the QUEEN album, then getting pregnant, and how she struggled with writer’s block before writing, “Seeing Green.” Also, there was that legal drama that caused her to pull out of events and performances

It was a side of Nicki Minaj her fans love to see. It’s clear she’s on the comeback trail, so stay tuned.

Peep the entire interview below:




Before the interview was released, the NYC raptress revealed Queen Radio has moved from Apple Music to Amazon’s new app, Amp. It’s set to premiere April 8th on the Amp app.




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