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Raymond Santana Files For Divorce, Deelishis Changes Her Tune - On IG - About Him Being A Narcissist & A Cheat After They Exchange Shade


Well, things just got official.  After former reality tv star Deelishis blasted her husband, one-fifth of the Central Park/Exonerated 5, Raymond Santana, he has filed for divorce. But is she now back tracking on her narcissism and cheating accusations after the two exchanged shade on Instagram?  Deets inside.

This is....interesting. After former "Flavor of Love" star Chante "Deelishis" Davis put her own husband on blast seemingly out of the blue earlier this week, posting that he's a "narcissist, liar and a cheat", news surfaced that Raymond filed for divorce.

TMZ reports:

Raymond filed divorce docs in Georgia, seeking to end his union with "Flavor of Love" star Deelishis, after only 20 months of marriage.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the couple – who first met through Instagram in late 2019 and tied the knot six months later – separated Nov. 7, with Raymond claiming their marriage is "irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation."


Oddly, Deelishis also changed her Instagram caption yesterday that contained the original "liar and cheater" accusations.

The caption she posted on Tuesday went from "I married a narcissist who is a COMPLETE liar and a cheat and I’m finally ready to speak my truth… stay tuned. #GlovesOff" to the below:

We're not sure what brought on this change of caption, but it doesn't mean she's had a change of heart about Raymond.  Yesterday, Deelishis reposted a fan's message that said he wanted to be her "side man" and would always be available if she wanted that.  Raymond saw it, and responded with some major shade.  He told the person who sent it that he could have her, because he doesn't want her.




The couple's split is somewhat jarring because they have been EXTRA vocal about being head over heels in love with each other.  They got married at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020 and were together less than a year before that.  Raymond, who received an over $8.2M payout for his wrongful incarceration as part of the Central Park 5, asked Kandi Burruss to hook them up after he admits to having a crush on her for years and originally meeting on IG.

Apparently, the golf course mansion they live in belongs to Deelishis, and Raymond moved in with her, so folks are using this info to dead all the "she must have been a gold digger" talk.  That must track, because in the divorce docs, neither are asking for alimony.









The two even did an interview last year with Kendra G where Deelishis admitted Raymond initially thought she was with him for his money, until she proved to him everything she built for herself before him:



It's also interesting to note - Raymond had a fiance, Nekesta Samone, whom he was living with, along with their daughter, just two weeks before dating Deelishis.


Meanwhile, comedian Michael Blackson is being messy and started a "Raymond Santana challenge" based on Ray recently showing off his new physique on IG:

He got jokes.


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