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Da Baby BANNED From Bowling Alley After Fighting DaniLeigh's Brother, Employees Say Surveillance Video Shows Baby Was The Aggressor


Da Baby seems to think he's a hero of some sort after his insane brawl – umpteen people vs. 1 – with DaniLeigh's brother. But the bowling alley where the wild fight happened is saying otherwise and has banned him.  Plus, they're revealing interesting details about the surveillance footage.

After video from Da Baby and his crew fighting his baby mother DaniLeigh's brother,BrandonBills, went viral yesterday, the bowling alley where it all went down is PISSED.

Corbin Bowl in Topanga, CA blame Da Baby and his large crew for the damage done to their bowling alley lanes, revealing that they looked at the surveillance footage and believe the 30-year-old rapper was the aggressor.  They're also handing over all footage to authorities and banning the rapper from ever coming back.

In cell phone video that circulated everywhere, Da Baby, who has his security and whole crew with him, is seen swinging on Brandon, who appears to be fighting alone.  TMZ reports:

"An employee from the bowling alley tells us ... the staff reviewed security footage from the fight, and turned it over to the police. In their eyes, the videos clearly show DaBaby as the aggressor and Brandon as the victim.

We're told it's still really early in the investigation, so it's unclear to the bowling alley if Brandon said anything, prior to DaBaby's attack. However, a witness in the party tells us Brandon first approached DaBaby and told him he didn't appreciate how Baby had treated DaniLeigh in the past.

For now, Brandon's free to return to Corbin and bowl 10 frames."

The crew and security drag Brandon by his hair into the actual lanes and everyone was slipping and sliding everywhere, causing over $250 worth of damage from Baby's "sugary drink" that took several hours to manually scrub out, says the bowling alley.

"We're told one of their mechanics was on his hands and knees for hours scrubbing at the dried-up sugary drink DaBaby apparently threw at Brandon. It actually cost 'em $250 in cleaning chemicals ... plus they had to re-oil the lanes where the fight went down."


You can view the fight below, that stemmed from bad blood between Da Baby and Brandon due to Baby's mistreatment of DaniLeigh:


Not long after it went viral, Brandon deleted his social media and Da Baby shared new pics flexing his money and smiling. And Meek Mill chimed in with an interesting take seemingly condoning it all:




Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock

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