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Kanye Drops MORE Bars Dissing Pete Davidson, 'When I Pull Up, It's Dead On Arrival'


Kanye's still spitting disses at his estranged wife's new man, Pete Davidson.  It would be hilarious if it wasn't....extremely problematic. The threats he just issued on his newest track that just dropped, inside.

When he's not threatening 20-year-old Billie Eilish over something that has nothing to do with him, 44-year-old rapper Kanye West is coming up with even more smoke for the new man in his almost-divorced wife's life.

Just a month ago, he came for "SNL" star Pete Davidson on his track "Eazy" threatened to "beat his ass."

Now, Ye's clearly STILL not over whatever it is he has the audacity to be mad about, because he dropped more bars today coming for Kim Kardashian's man Pete's life.

On Fivio Foreign's new song with him and Alicia Keys, "City of Gods," Kanye raps:

'This afternoon a hundred goons pullin' up to SNL / When I pull up, it's dead on arrival.'

Listen for yourselves:


TMZ reports that sources close to Pete tell them the Kanye diss doesn't have any effect on Pete, saying, "Pete is focusing on his relationship with Kim and making sure she feels supported, the rest is just noise."

It's interesting...Kanye went on an almost week long rant about him standing his ground about 8-year-old daughter North West not being allowed to have a JOINT TikTok account - that has comments turned off - with her own mother because "it could be detrimental to her" according to him. He went on and on about her well-being and claiming fathers are not being allowed to have a say. 




Apparently, Ye thinks these VERY public songs that showcase North's father threatening the life of a man she knows has a positive effect on her?

As usual, Kanye was using some non-issue as a scapegoat issue to get attention, clout and as a way to take out his anger on the woman he's been begging to reunite with.  Because here we are again.  The same week he was so concerned about his kids being on social media, he drops a track threatening Pete Davidson's life.  All because Pete is the man Kim has moved on with, while Kanye has moved on with multiple women himself.



Photos: Liam Goodner, DFree/Shutterstock


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