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Nick Cannon Confirms He's Expecting 8th Child, Says Bre Teisi Is 20 Weeks Pregnant & He Doesn't Rule Out More Kids


Nick Cannon just confirmed what the internet has been all abuzz about - he's INDEED expecting his 8th child.  If you're speechless like us, get into the gender reveal and his "explanation" inside.


If you thought Nick Cannon was going to stop popping out babies forever after he claimed he was taken a vow of celibacy about a year ago, you thought wrong.  There are clearly no condoms, no hot sauce (remember the drake hot-sauce-in-condom fan-fiction story?) and DEF no celibacy anywhere near where he is.  His no limit soldiers are soldiering chile, and it's all very......interesting.

Just like a few of his previous girlfriends/babies' mothers, his newest seed-carrier - Bri Tiesi - is his employee over at Viacom.  And she also happens to be the ex-wife (the ink on the papers is BARELY dry) of former NFLer Johnny Manziel.

After gender reveal party pics leaked yesterday featuring Nick and Bri in matching looks, Nick confirmed today on his talk show that the "Wild 'N Out" model is indeed pregnant with his child.  And she's 20 weeks along with a baby boy.

Bri just recently turned 30, and hadn't said a word on social media about her pregnancy, despite posting TONS of IG model type pics nonstop up until her most recent one in December before the gender reveal party.


Now that the news is out, she shared a new pic and new IG story (a screenshot is atop and above) not addressing the pregnancy, but def showing her baby bump.

As for Nick, he explained it all on today's episode of "The Nick Cannon Show" where he coincidentally (or not) had The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee on to give the Rumor Report on his show.  Of course, he himself was #1 on the docket.

When Angela asked him about being celibate like he claimed a while back, he said:

"No, I'm not celibate no more.  I made it almost to the new year."

He gave a convoluted answer about his therapist telling him some time last year he should practice celibacy, likely around the time his 7th child - the late Zen Cannon - was born. He says he technically didn't break his celibacy though, because of timing.

Angela asked him what number he's going for when it comes to kids and he confirmed he's not ruling out having more kids:

"I just want to have as many kids as i can healthily provide for and be a good father."

"It's a real spiritual challenge I'm working through.  I want to be the best father I can be but I'm not ruling out having any more kids"

Of course, social media had ALL the jokes and rants about this (lack of) family planning.  8 children by 5 or 6 (we lose count often) different mothers, and we just know money alone isn't all these kids will need.

It's interesting...folks have been assuming all the women MUST be in on this "let's form our own nation" mission Nick clearly seems to be on.  But he didn't give off that impression.  When asked if all the children's mothers get along, Nick said:

"They all get along with ME.  They're all amazing women and all have their own journeys.  I don't think just because they have children with me doesn't mean they should be forced to deal with one another.  My children all get along, and they have all allowed my children to know and grow and be and see each other and that's all I ask."

We guess chile...

We just know folks need to keep that same energy they have for women who have even 1 baby's father or date around with NO kids or who...simply exist....and exude it when it comes to Nick "No Protection" Cannon.  We're seeing a whole lot of praise for Nick though, because, double standards.

Nick didn't confirm speculation he's having so many children by so many different women to create a child he could receive a bone marrow transplant from since he is living with Lupus. That's just unfounded rumors at this point (and we hope that's all it is).  But he did confirm a while back he's having these children "on purpose".

Meanwhile, the mother of Nick's baby, Zen, who passed away at 5-months-old last month, posted a statement about people dragging her and her son's name into Nick's new pregnancy news.  People have been calling it "insensitive" of Nick to have another baby when he and Alyssa were embarking on the last weeks of Zen's life.

We hope everyone has a safe delivery and a healthy baby.


Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com/Instagram



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