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Pete Davidson's Camp Confirms Kanye West Is Spreading Unhinged AIDS Accusation, Ye's Camp Says It's 'Nonsense'


Kanye “Ye” West is allegedly spreading unhinged rumors about Pete Davidson - Ye’s estranged wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend - claiming the “Saturday Night Live” star has AIDS! Folks in Ye’s camp say that’s cap. Deets inside…


With his DONDA 2 album set to be released next month, Kanye West (who legally changed his name to “Ye”) has been doing whatever he can to stay in the headlines.

However, it seems the DONDA rapper has reached a new low - if the rumors are true.

According to DJ Akademiks, Ye has been telling anyone who will listen that “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson - who is currently dating Ye’s estranged wife Kim Kardashian - has AIDS. 



“He’s going crazy with himself,” said DJ Akademiks. “A n**** told me, this is real talk, Kanye has been telling anyone within an earshot of himself, he’s trying to spread a rumor that Pete Davidson has AIDS. I’m telling you this is a fact. I’ve heard this from eight people. He’s telling everybody!”

“I’m telling you, this is a fact. Bruh, if you gotta spread a rumor that the n**** f*****’ your wife got AIDS, you burnt out, bro, wrap it up. It’s over.”

Peep the clip above.

While STI shaming is problematic, it's equally problematic to make up rumors (or even spread a truthhood) about someone else's health and privacy.  If the allegations of Kanye's actions are true, it's completely unacceptable, and people really need to check the way they keep applauding the absolute foolishness this man does for clout.

Sources also told Page Six the same thing. 

Ye hasn’t made these accusations in public. However, sources close to Pete revealed the rumor launched a series of awkward phone calls between Pete and the mutual friends he shares with the rapper. Everyone is “concerned” and “disturbed” by Ye’s childish behavior and rightfully so because who does this?! 

Ye, 44, already let the world know he wants smoke with Pete, 28, which he shared in some lyrics on his newly released song “EAZY,” featuring The Game.

”God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” Ye rapped on the track.

When he first hear the diss, Pete thought it was “totally hilarious,” but he did beef up security... just in case. Can’t be too careful.

People in Ye’s camp claim the rumors that claim Ye is telling people Pete has AIDS are “nonsense.”


On the relationship front….



While in Paris soaking in all the latest fashion, Ye’s new boo, Julia Fox (who he has been dating since New Year’s Eve), got into a public spat with Paris Haute Couture Week with Manhattan socialite Libbie MugrabiYe and Julia were allegedly eating in different rooms, oddly.

Page Six has the deets:

Mugrabi asked Ye’s new muse if she would agree be paid a fee to be photographed in her friend Celia Kritharioti’s high-fashion designs. The Athenian designer has dressed celebrities such as Natalia Vodianova, Imán, Naomi Campbell and Khloé Kardashian. Mugrabi alleges the “Uncut Gems” star — who has been parading around Paris with the 44-year-old rapper in a range of head-turning outfits while attending the haute couture shows — simply snapped in A-list style, “Talk to my stylist,” who was sitting nearby.


However, another witness told us, “Julia was having a private dinner and Libbie and her friends kept coming up to her table. Approaching a table during dinner and asking for a paid engagement is not really appropriate. “Julia never said, ‘Talk to my stylist.’ That’s just ridiculous. Libbie was being rude to her friend, so Julia stood up for her friend.

“Libbie was wearing a trucker hat with the word ‘gaslight’ on it and that was literally what she was trying to do to Julia and her friends.”

Clout chasing rich people problems.

Photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

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