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Cardi B AWARDED A Total $3.8M In Defamation Suit Against YouTuber Tasha K, Both Cardi & Tasha K React



Cardi B was awarded millions more after a hearing to determine punitive damages in her defamation case against YouTuber Tasha K. Now, Tasha K has to cough up 3.8 million to the Bronx raptress after she was found liable for making up damaging lies about the Grammy winner. Watch her Cardi’s post-court interview, plus Tasha K’s response inside…

Yesterday, Cardi B (real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar) was awarded $1.25 million in general damages and $250k for medical expenses in her federal defamation suit against YouTuber Tasha K (real name Latasha Kebe) after a judge ruled Tasha K was liable on three separate claims. !  ‌

Today, the “Be Careful” raptress was awarded an additional $1.5 million in punitive damages, plus $1.3 million for her attorney's fees, and medical expenses were decreased to $25,000, bringing the total compensation $3.8 million.

In 2018 and 2019, Tasha K posted YouTube videos for her nearly 1 million subscribers making claims that Cardi was a prostitute and that she had contracted multiple sexual transmitted diseases. So, Bardi sued in 2019.

Earlier this month, Cardi took the stand and testified that the defamatory lies Tasha K made up caused her to feel like she want to end her life. 

After court, the “WAP” raptress thanked the jury for reaching a fair decision and she thanked the media and her fans for their support. She said journalists and reporters helped her remain strong as she dealt with “emotional distress” for the last three years. She thanked her team of attorneys and everyone who helped her throughout this ordeal. Peep the interview (via Dennis Byron) below:

It's rumored Tasha K was asked to settle the case, but she refused.  


The “UP” raptress took to Twitter, revealing mixed feelings after the final verdict:


”Why am I happy but sad at the same time?,” she tweeted.

The NYC raptress also released an official statement following the victory in court:

"I appreciate Judge Ray for conducting a fair and impartial trial. I am grateful for the jury and their careful deliberation over the past two weeks. I am profoundly grateful for the hard work and support from my legal team," the statement read. "Most importantly, thank you to my family and close friends who held my hand and helped me get the support I needed during this experience."

Tasha K said she’s preparing to make her first and final statement on the case tomorrow (Jan. 26th).

“I will be making my FIRST and ONLY statement about the case Wednesday 1/26/22 EST on my @YouTube channel,” she tweeted.

After the judge awarded Cardi the initial $1.25, Tasha K tweeted:



“I forgot to thank all of the viewers for all of your support. In this business, this is part of the protocol. Everyone in my seat has been through this, & this ain’t the last. This comes with the territory. See y’all Friday! It’s long overdue!”

Tasha also shared a picture of herself and her husband all smiles this morning:



As expected, Tasha K’s legal team plans to appeal.

As Cardi would say, "Be Careful."

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