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Ari Lennox Is ‘Done & Tired,’ Wants To Be DROPPED From Record Label To Become ‘Free’


Singer Ari Lennox is SICK of the shenanigans and just wants to be free! In order for her to do that, she would like for her record label to drop her!  More inside…

R&B songstress Ari Lennox is TIREDT! So much so, she wants to get dropped by her label because she wants to be “free.”

After signing to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records in 2015, Ari is OVER it. And she’s not afraid to let folks know it either.

Following a grossly disrespectful interview with South African podcaster MacG, the “Pressure” singer tweeted that she was “done and tired.” Not only that, she made it clear that she wanted to be dropped by her record label.



”I want to be dropped from the labels. I’m done and tired,” she tweeted (and deleted).

We should have known she was going to stir the pot online when she tweeted this:



”I will continue to sing about dick when I want! And you misogynistic peasants can continue to jerk off to my music thank you!!!! Good morning,” she tweeted.

You’ll recall, Ari appeared on MacG’s “Podcast and Chill” where the South African interviewer caught her off guard with a disrespectful and inappropriate question. During their chat, he brought up one of her early singles “Pop,” where he asked her if “someone was f***** her good right now.”

In deleted tweets, she expressed how she shouldn’t have been ambushed with that type of question since there were several people from her team well aware of what was happening. She said the was the “icing on the cake” for her.

“I’m just like…why was I alone on a call full of people? Why didn’t anyone intervene?,” she asked. "And why wasn’t parts of the interview destroyed like the team promised? Why did it happen to begin with? I just feel slow and ambushed and blindsighted. Just because I happily and freely sing/write about sex don’t make any kind of creepy disrespect warranted. I clearly was in immense shock and hate that I didn’t react differently.”

”The interview was the icing on the cake,” she tweeted. “I want to be free. For Christ sakes. I realize I have no hits. I realize you all can live without hearing my music. I realize my complaining is so aggravating to y’all . I don’t ask blogs to post me when I’m at my worst. You judgemental self hating parasites wouldn’t last a day as a signed artist. Complaining that I’m complaining about the sh*t I’m going through meanwhile in real life you’re just as unhappy just as f*cked up. You crying in the car too. Somebody calling you insensitive and dramatic too. You could never be honest about your demons.”

Whew! Sis wasn’t lying when she said she was FED TF UP!

In another tweet, she put a critic on blast:



Again, just because she’s spitting sexual LYRICS on a song doesn’t mean she automatically wants to be sexual (or discuss her real-life sex life) with YOU! Song lyrics don't give you the automatic right to question an artist about their personal life invasively. And her team should have had her back for that.

Photo: Ari's IG 

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