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Lil Mama Has A Problem With 'Black Women' Being 'Bent Over' On Social Media, 'Is It A Mass Mandate?'


Lil Mama had something to get off her chest recently, and she's coming for black women in particular over what they post online.  Deets inside.

Rapper and actress Lil Mama decided to post up her opinion about why "so many black women" are "bent over" on social media, seemingly questioning the sexuality shown on social media these days.  She also asked why they aren't also showing family life or being "classy" as well.

The "Lip Gloss" rapper posted this message to her IG stories:



While everybody is entitled to their own opinion, opinions also can be met with rebuttals and other opinions. 

It's interesting that this post was geared solely toward black women, as if all women - of every race - aren't embracing their sexuality on social media and posting themselves in that way, whether folks like it or not.  We'd even arguably say it's more non-black women doing so than anyone else.  The TikToks and Snap posts and IG posts of women posting themselves in sexy clothing, twerking, dancing, or anything else deemed to be "sexualization" are happening all over social media.  And folks have every right to post what they want.  But if one truly has an issue with constant sexualization itself, why not keep it 100 and take issue with the sexualization itself across the board, instead of singling out black women?  Black women are unnecessarily singled out enough, let's not contribute to the matter ourselves over something that is so clearly no a "black woman" issue.

It's even more interesting that the very people taking issue with women posting themselves "bent over" on social media would be the same ones HIGHLY upset with folks judging them for the new levels of wigs, weaves and makeup they wear as part of their new image.  One has every right to wear all of those things in their own social media photos and deserve not to be asked "What day are you natural?". Let's not single out others for what they do with THEIR social media if you don't want that done to you.

We don't recall all this clutching of pearls and concern about women's sexualization when it was mainly male rappers, male content creators, male directors, male show runners and men in general sexualizing women on social media.  It seems people have more issue with women being the ones sharing the content than they do with "women being bent over" on social media. All we're saying is, keep that same energy at all times.  If you have only spoken up about your alleged issue when women themselves are owning and posting their OWN sexuality, and not a peep when the male delegation does so ad nauseum, it's giving patriarchy and internalized misogony. Folks might want to check that.

Everyone has a right to express their opinion on the things they don't like seeing on social media.  It also may be a good idea to first ask yourself why you do.

With all that said:


Stay safe out there folks....


Photo: Instagram

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