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Ari Lennox Grossly Disrespected By Podcaster, Vows To Never Do Another Interview


Why do people keep coming for Ari Lennox? She’s so unproblematic, yet, here we are. A Podcaster thought it was cool to ask her if she’s being “f**** good right now,” creating an awkward and grossly disrespectful moment. Now she’s DONE with doing interviews.

Watch the clip, find out what she said about it and sound off inside…

Folks love to try it with unproblematic people.

All Ari Lennox does is mind her business and drink her water, yet, someone is always coming for her neck.

The “Pressure” singer is trending on social media after a viral clip of her being disrespected in an interview started circulating. She hopped on a virtual call to chop it up with Macgyver "MacG" Mukwevho for his “Podcast and Chill” where the South African interviewer caught her off guard with a disrespectful and inappropriate question.

During their chat, MacG brought up one of her early singles “Pop,” where he asked her if “someone was f***** her good right now.” Yes, he actually said that.

On the track he was referring to, she sings, "If you really love me / I'll f*ck you good / F*ck you good, f*ck you good / Treat you how you should."

Taken aback by his question, she responded, “Oh my God! Whoa there!" she responded.“That's a wild question. Why ask it that way? Whoa!”

MacG - who is apparently known for stirring the pot with his interview question - pointed out she sings those lyrics in the song and then asked her if she had forgotten her own lyrics. The Shea Butter Baby singer then admitted she did sing those words, but it was clear she was uber uncomfortable that he asked her that.



Audacity is really on sale! Just because she’s spitting sexual LYRICS on a song doesn’t mean she automatically wants to be sexual (or discuss her real-life sex life) with YOU!  You know, the same way folks are applauding Jay-Z & Mek Mill for trying to get legislation to outlaw rappers' lyrics about urder and other crimes from being used in their court cases....about murder and other crimes?  Song lyrics don't give you the automatic right to question an artist about their personal life invasively.

After the interview was over, the 30-year-old singer took to Twitter (in a now deleted tweet) to vow that she’s never doing another interview again.

Later, she came back on Twitter to explain how she felt about the crass questioning during the interview.



”I’m just like… why was I alone on a call full of people? Why didn’t anyone intervene? And why wasn’t parts of the interview destroyed like the team promised? Why did it happen to begin with? I just feel slow and ambushed and blindsighted,” she tweeted.







”Just because I happily and freely sing/write about sex don’t make any kind of creepy disrespect warranted. I clearly was in immense shock and hate that I didn’t react differently,” she said. “But fuck it! I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. I’m tired of the narrative. Exhausted. I’m good I promise. But as for interviews I’m not doing them anymore. There’s enough lives and interviews out there already. I’ve been my most happiest creating music and exploring life sober. I’m not allowing anything to tamper with my peace anymore."

Folks even started coming for her, so she has been popping BACK!

Peep her responses below:





”Really got grown men justifying rape and predatory culture. Disgusting," she wrote.



”A woman gave your vile and worthless self LIFE”













Sheesh! Sis let them HAVE IT and rightfully so!

Photo: Ari's IG 

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