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Jesse Williams' Ex-Wife Aryn Is Petitioning For PRIMARY CUSTODY, Claims His 'Erratic Behavior' Makes Her Fear For Her Safety!


Just when you thought that their custody & divorce issues were done, Aryn Drake-Lee says her former "Grey's Anatomy" star ex-husband, Jesse Williams, is causing her to fear for her safety!  And she wants primary custody of their children because of it.  Details inside.


Their marriage - once people even found out their favorite "Grey's" heart throb was married - was quite private.  But their divorce has been messy as all hell.  And it's still going.

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee filed for divorce back in 2017.  And we knew then things were about to get interesting.  After multiple years of publicly dragging each other and a super messy custody battle, they finalized their divorce in October of 2020.  As part of the settlement, Jesse has to split the money he earned during their marriage and pay Aryn child support to the tune of $40,000 a month for their daughter, Sadie, 7, and son, Maceo, 5.

Apparently, the drama never really stopped, though.  Because in April of 2021, Aryn and the "Little Fires Everywhere" star were ordered to participate in a "high conflict parents program."  According to Entertainment Tonight, the six-session online course "was created to teach parents who have divorced different conflict resolution tactics and skills to ease the stress of separation on their children."  So, it's safe to assume, co-parenting wasn't going great.

Fast forward to this week when Aryn says she fears for her own safety! Radar Online reports there are threats of police being called and Aryn says Jesse's behavior and decisions around their children have created a safety issue:

Jesse Williams is being accused of threatening to call the police on his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee over recent custody disputes — and she wants him stripped of joint custody immediately.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the actor’s ex is accusing Jesse of failing to follow the current schedule in place. As a result, she wants the court order stating they share joint custody of their 2 kids to state she has primary.

Aryn says in her motion, she no longer wants Jesse to have joint custody, only visitation. She says he's been hiring and firing nannies and having long absences when it comes to seeing his kids.


In her motion, Aryn is asking the court to change the custody agreement to state Jesse has visitation, not joint custody. She wants the court to order Jesse can have visitation on the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends of each month. She also is demanding he turn over detailed future filming project schedules to allow her time to plan. In the past, she accused him of not giving her a heads up on his shooting schedules.



Aryn says the original custody deal was entered there have been substantial changes in circumstances. She claims Jesse’s work schedule, his decision to fire their nanny and hire another set of providers, the pandemic and other circumstances, “which have resulted in increased inconsistency, longer absences, regular last-minute cancelations and other issues which are incredibly disruptive to our children’s lives."





She wrote, “I am requesting modification of the custody schedule and other provisions of the judgment to better reflect the new reality of our lives, and most importantly, properly, and positively address the needs of our children.”

Aryn claims Jesse decided to fire their longtime nanny in March 2020 in violation of the court order. She claims Jesse said he would be home more due to the pandemic. However, she claims the kids struggled without their trusted nanny and their energy has changed in the past couple of months.



Aryn also says ever since Jesse left "Grey's" in May 2021, his schedule has been all over the place.  She says it has caused her to come out of pocket on some expenses.


“I have tried to communicate with Jesse to resolve these issues to no avail. In May 2020, I sent a detailed communication with my concerns about their health and exhaustion, which Jesse read and ignored. Since then, I have sent multiple messages about the recurring issues, but he has continued this trend of not participating in meaningful conversations or strategies about their health,” she wrote.

“Since Jesse’s exit, there have been multiple instances of Jesse notifying me with very little notice that he will be gone for weeks or months at a time for work, and therefore must cancel his custodial time,” Aryn claims.

“Despite my repeated requests, he routinely refuses to share the details of his schedule. Rather, he tells me he’s leaving without sharing specifics, only making vague references as to when he mightbe back,” she tells the court.

Aryn says she went and rehired the longtime nanny. She has been paying for the expenses out of her pocket.

In her declaration, Aryn says Jesse has canceled time with his kids over 15 times. She claims he will cancel and then call back to un-cancel.



Interestingly, Jesse and his girlfriend of about two years, Taylour Paige, seem to have broken up recently as well.

As for her safety, Aryn says:

“When I've reminded Jesse of his cancelations and informed him of plans made because of said cancelations, he has resorted to erratic behavior to try to force me to acquiesce to his demands; he calls me names, uses threatening language and intimidation tactics such as threatening to send the police to my home, causing me to fear for my and our children’s safety,” she writes.

Sheesh.  We TRULY hope these two can figure out a way forward without (further?) damage to each other or the children.


Photos: Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock, Instagram


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