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Lil Baby & Jayda Have Social Media Speculating If They’ve Rekindled Their Romance Once Again


It appears the whirlwind relationship between rapper Lil Baby and his son’s mother, Jayda Cheaves, continues. Internet detectives connected some dots on Jayda’s most recent Instagram posts and now fans are speculating if they’ve rekindled their romance.


See the receipts inside…


From breakups to makeups? Sure seems that way.

It appears Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves’whirlwind romance continues as they are seemingly back ON after supposedly breaking up in 2020 after cheating rumors surfaced (again) and he was lacing rapper Saweetie with $100K shopping sprees at Chanel a couple months ago. At least, that what it’s looking like (in the most subtle way possible) on these social media streets.

After going on vacay together a few weeks ago, it appears Lil Baby has won Jayda back. The social media influencer shared a series of photos and videos on her IG that have fans convinced she and the “Sum 2 Prove” rapper have rekindled their romance.

The young entrepreneur took some down time to turn up in the club with her friends. She booked a luxury suite that was filled with rose petals, balloons and champagne. On her IG Stories, she shared a text exchange with a "mystery man", whom she called “babe.”

And who we ALL know is Baby.

The texts read:

”Babeeeee wtffff,” Jayda wrote.

”Anything to make you smile,” the unnamed person wrote.

”I’m in heaven rn [right now],” she responded.

”I’m tryna keep you there foreverrrrrr,” the person wrote back.

The 24-year-old then shared a picture of herself with her legs wrapped around a man. It didn’t take long before Internet detectives started digging. It’s speculated the man she’s with in the picture is Lil Baby based on the iced-out rings in her picture. Those rings appear to be the same rings Baby was wearing in one of his recent flicks and the same outfit he wore in a recent shoot with rappers Future and Nardowick. Check it:




Having déjà vu? Likely, since this is exactly what he did with rapper Saweetie a few months ago. Missed that? Catch up HERE

Not long after those Saweetie dating rumors started, Jayda revealed she wasn’t shocked by it because she already knew what was going on between them. Baby made a Twitter post saying he was single, so maybe he was saying that to stay in Jayda’s good graces.

During the holidays, Baby and Jayda - who are the parents of 2-year-old Loyal - jetted to St. Barths to vacation with rapper Meek Mill and his homie/billionaire Michael Rubin. A couple of weeks before that, the “Woah” rapper made an appearance at her brand’s relaunch party on his birthday. On social media, Jayda made claims that they are both single and that they still have enough love for one another to continue to support one another.

If this is what she calls single - then that’s just what it is until they “officially” announce they’re back together. We wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement is made sooner rather than later.

Photos: Instagram 

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