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Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers SPLIT After 4 Years Together, Still 'Remaining Close'


One of our favorite couples is DUNZO!  Ugh!  Details on Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers' split inside.


They've been a couple we've loved for years, ever since their chemistry was high-key the cutest.  And now, they're over.

Ryan Destiny, 27, and Keith Powers, 29, have called it quits, this according to People magazine.  The former "Star" and "Grownish" actress and the New Edition Story star first met in 2015, and they've been putting their love on front street ever since.  Until now.

"They're taking time to focus on themselves and their emerging careers but are remaining close friends," says the source.

There's no word from either of them about the split on social media, and there might not ever be since they've always been pretty private while never hiding their relationship.  They often shared their baecays and sweet snaps with fans.

The couple covered We The Urban back in 2019 - looking super sexy by the way - and dished about first meeting at a 2015 Teen Vogue party and why showcasing black love is so important to them.

"For a minute we tried to hide it for numerous reasons, but as human beings sometimes you want to just shout to the world 'I love this person and I'm happy!'" Destiny said about keeping their romance low-key. "We try to find a balance. I'm already a private person and very career driven so reminding people that I am my own person is important."

Keith opened up about their black love saying:

"It is so important for our people to see healthy Black love. Whether it's a relationship, marriage or even friendships," he said. "Black love gives us hope. When you see Black love flourish, it's powerful."

We're ACTUALLY sad to see them split, but we wish them both the best.

Ketih has plenty to keep him busy these days, including two starring roles on two upcoming Netflix films (The Uglies and The Perfect Find with Gabrielle Union).  And it looks like Ryan is pushing on though, vacaying with her girls - like that recent ski trip with Normani - and taking time to herself.


Love to see it.

P.S. Ryan and Keith coincidentally starred together in Big Sean's 2019 video for "Single Again":

See, the way our superstitions are set up, they would have had to change the name of this song first.....



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