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Malcolm-Jamal Warner & Tracee Ellis Ross COVER The December 2011 Issue Of "UPSCALE"


Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross sat down with UPSCALE Magazine recently to talk about their new show "Reed Between The Lines." Find out what the duo said about their on-screen chemistry and how their new show compares to their old gigs inside....

In the latest issue of UPSCALE Magazine, veteran sitcom stars Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross dished about their new sitcom "Reed Between The Lines" and their hectic lives as stars AND producers of the show. Here are the highlights:

On their connection

TER: ...the first moment with him was so palpable. What I experienced was a side of myself, Tracee, that I had never experienced before...doing scenes with Malcolm does not feel like acting.

MW: if you're going to be joined at the hip, you want it to be with someone who shares the same vision and shares the same kind of integrity and values..it's probably one of the best non-physical love affairs that I've ever had.

On their dual roles as leads and producers of Reed Between The Lines

MW: There's just so much energy we put into the show as actors and producers that it's hard to focus, at least this first season, on anything but the show.

TER: My life is moving at 100 miles an hour. My job is to take it one deep breath and slow step at a time... TER

On Girlfriends and her character, Joan

TER:  I just loved that character. I'm so proud of what we did, and yet, I had such a peace when we were finished...

On Comparisons to Cosby

MJW: None of us is Bill Cosby, so we're not trying to recreate Cosby. What we are trying to recreate is the universality and the timelessness.

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