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Tamar Braxton VS. Everybody! Singer Squares Up Against Lolo Jones, Pops Off On Ricky Williams & Kandi Burruss On 'Celebrity Big Brother'


Tamar Braxton is stirring up all types of drama in the "Celebrity Big Brother" household. And fans are glued to the live feed to see what she'll do next. Get it all inside...

One thing is for sure, you put Tamar Braxton in front of a camera and she's bound to produce TV gold.

After facing off with Kandi Burruss and eventually making peace, the "Braxton Family Values" star wants smoke from everybody.

Rumors have been running rampant on social media as fans tune in to the live feed of this season's celebrity contestants as they try and build alliances in an effort to come out on top. On Friday, actor Jonathan Bennett was evicted from the house. That leaves Tamar, "RHOA" star Kandi Burruss, Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, comedian Tom Green, actor Kato Kaelin, actor Joey Lawrence, swimmer Ryan Lochte, Lindsay Lohan's momager Dina Lohan, WWE star Natalie Eva Marie and former NFLer Ricky Williams.

Yesterday, ish got real and fans started a rumor that Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones was kicked out of the house for allegedly slapping the glasses off Tamar's face. Say what now?

Tamar and Lolo got into a HEATED discussion and right before it appeared the ladies would come to blows, CBS cut the feed with a "Be Right Back" message.

Here's what led up to the boiling point...

“Y’all are real funny,” Tamar is heard saying to Lolo in a clip from the live feed.

“I’m not real funny,” Jones replied, before getting up and pacing back and forth in their room. “Here’s the problem today, you want me to tell you what happened and then you snap off on me.”

“Don’t start,” Tamar replied.

I’m gonna f*ckking start because you want to tell me … You asked me what the f*ck and then you pop off. So why the f*ck would I not get mad? You do this every motherf*cking day. Like don’t f*cking start with me.”

Whew, chile.

Peep the clip below:





The ladies separate for a few minutes and then the heated conversation continued when the "Braxton Family Values" star approached Lolo again.

"I'm f*cking cool. Last night, we all f*cking stayed up to make sure you're f*cking cool. You are popping off on us. What you need to f*cking do is calm down and stop f*cking popping off on everybody," Lolo said to Tamar.

Check it:





Tamar then told Kandi the next person to try her is going to get it.

"The next time somebody call me a b*tch, I'm going to start yanking," Tamar said to Kandi as Lolo walked past.

"Then do it," Lolo challenged her.

"Then say it," Tamar said walking up to Lolo.

"I said then do it," Lolo popped back.

"Then say it," Tamar fumed.

Then do it,"Lolo said again before "CBB" cut the live feed off!

Peep the clip below:




An uncofirmed Twitter account reported Lolo had "been removed from the house."



It's unclear if Lolo was actually kicked off or not. If she was, it was temporarily because she’s currently back in he house and has seemingly made up with Tamar. The show’s live feeds show the two back on good terms at this time.

According to the unconfirmed Twitter account, Tamar also got into with actor Kato Kaelin after he nominated her (along with Dina Lohan) to be evicted.






Speaking of fights in the house...

The "Love & War" singer also got into it with former NFL running back, Ricky Williams. Tamar got mad because she felt Ricky has made her out to be a liar and a source of negativity in the house. When the former NFLer accused her of "bullsh*tting" him when it came to owning up to her past mistakes, all hell broke loose.

Watch it go down below:

Before all of that drama, Tamar also got into with "RHOA" star Kandi Burruss, who she has history with. They got into it over the difference between being successful and being relevant.

They eventually made up:



So, do you think Tamar is next on the chopping block?

Photo: Tamar's IG

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