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SONY Reportedly Drops R. Kelly + NEW Victim Says Kelly Sexually Abused Her At 16 + Former Manager Turns Himself In


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"Surviving R. Kelly" continues to be the real MVP.


SONY has parted ways with the singer, a new woman has come forward saying R. Kelly sexually abused her when she was a 16-year-old EPIC Records intern, and his former manager HenryJames Mason has turned himself into police. Everything inside...

R. Kelly is still hot in the headlines as the explosive aftermath of LIFETIME's "Surviving R. Kelly" docu-series continues.

Sony Music and R. Kelly have reportedly parted ways.

According to Variety andBillboard, R. Kelly and Sony have dissolved their working relationship. No official announcement has been released (yet), but sources are speaking out, confirming Sony and Kelly are no longer affiliated.

Variety reports:

No external announcement of the move is planned in the immediate future, says a source, who added that the company took its time to wade through the issues “responsibly” and avoid legal ramifications. R. Kelly was removed from the RCA Records website, which lists the label’s signed artists, shortly after 10 a.m. PT on Friday, Jan. 18.

Kelly’s back catalog will remain with RCA/Sony. Kelly’s last release with the label was a Christmas-themed album in 2016, although he has released several songs independently since that time, presumably with Sony’s consent, and Tweeted earlier this year that he has a new album on the way.

There have been protests calling for Sony Music to drop the singer from its roster. People have been marching outside of over Sony Music’s offices in Culver City, California and his former studio in Chicago.

Last week, UltraViolet, a national women's organization, commissioned a plane with a sign that read “RCA/Sony: Drop Sexual Predator R. Kelly” to fly over Sony Music’s offices. They are calling for RCA (which is owned by Sony Music) to drop all affiliations with R. Kelly in the wake of all of the sexual misconduct and sexual allegations made against him, specifically detailed in "Surviving R. Kelly."

A source told Variety that “[the plane] had no influence" and that Sony has been going back and forth about whether or not to drop him from the label for several months before the shocking docu-series was released.

Then, this just happened....

A new victim has come forward to share her story about how the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer sexually abused her.

36-year-old Tracy Sampson says she was sexually assaulted by Kelly in the summer of 1999 when she was a 16-year-old intern at Epic Records. In her first on-camera interview, Tracy made claims that R. Kelly tried to kiss her when she was minor and then he began a sexual relationship with her.

Tracy's relationship with Kelly lasted until she was 18 and then she broke things off. She then filed a lawsuit against the "Ignition" singer accusing him of sexual abuse. Kelly denied having sex with her, but settled the lawsuit for $250,000.

Kelly's lawyer, Steven Greenberg, is defending his client to the end. He said he wasn't representing the singer when Tracy said she was abused, but he insists his client has done nothing wrong to her, or any of the women who came forward. Sir, have several seats.

You can catch Tracy Sampson's full interview on "Accused: The R. Kelly Story" tonight on Dateline NBC at 10/9c.

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Last week, we told you police issued an arrest warrant for his former manager, Henry James Mason, over the summer. Today, the 52-year-old turned himself in to Georgia authorities. He surrendered to Henry County Sheriff's Office on felony terroristic threats and acts.

Joycelyn Savage's father, Timothy Savage, accused Mason of threatening to KILL him and his family over his involvement with the LIFETIME docu-series. He and his wife claim Kelly has "brainwashed" their daughter, Joycelyn Savage, and that they haven't seen her in two years.

Mr. Mason didn't stay in jail long. He posted a $10,000 bond and a judge ordered him NOT to leave the country without permission.

A few days ago, R. Kelly's Chicago studio (that he has been evicted from) where its rumored he kept some of the women he is accused of abusing was raided by members of the Chicago Fire Department and building inspectors.

CBS repoter Mike Puccinelli was on the scene at 5am and filmed a mystery man leaving the studio with boxes and a computer hard drive. Check it:



According to reports, Kelly was cited for multiple building code violations, including evidence of people living in the non-residential building. After the raid, an attorney for R. Kelly - Melvin Sims - made claims the inspection as "uneventful" and said it debunked previous concerns that someone may be living in the studio, which is not zoned for residential use.

"There is no one that lives at that premises nor has anyone or is anyone living at the premises. No one lives there," Kelly's attorney said. -

Well, he was cited with evidence proving people were actually living inside the studio, so that's a lie.

Also, Kelly's attorney, Steven Greenberg, previously made claims that Kelly didn't know late singer Aaliyah was underage when he married her because she lied to Kelly about her age and he had "no idea" she was a child.

Oh? Receipts (and common sense) say otherwise.  A video resurfaced showing Kelly himself recognizing that Aaliyah was 14-years-old at the time of the taping.

"Right now I'm producing a very talented lady, a young lady," R. Kelly narrated a scene from a 1994 documentary. "She's 14, Aaliyah. She's real street. She just be chilling," he said.

Check it at the 1:05 mark below:

In the docu-series, Kelly's former road manager Demetrius Smith even admitted he forged documents to say Aaliyah was 18 when she really was 15. So, that was a lie.

Kelly's lawyer then retracted those statements, explaining he misspoke and that his client never talked to him about Aaliyah's age.

Peep the interview below:



Georgia is actively investigating Kelly, while Chicago is asking other victims to come forward to help build a case against him. Last week, cops pulled up on Kelly at his Trump Tower residence to check on two women that were reportedly being held against their will. The police spoke to the women - who are believed to be Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary - and they told police they're not being held hostage and are in good health.

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