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Kodak Black Explains Why He Walked Out On HOT 97 Interview + Ebro DEFENDS Bringing Up Sexual Misconduct Case + Trick Daddy Dubs Ebro A 'Fake A** Charlamagne'


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Everyone is talking about Kodak Black walking out of a HOT 97 interview after radio host Ebro Darden brought up his pending sexual misconduct case. Now, everyone is responding, including Kodak. Get it all inside...

*Lookin' like ya still do fraud....*

"ZEZE" rapper Kodak Black is currently on the promo trail for his recently released album, Dying To Live. And he's making headlines, but not for his music.

The self-proclaimed project baby stopped by HOT 97's "Ebro In The Morning," where he was asked about a pending sexual assault case by Ebro. A little info...

Kodak was released from a South Carolina jail last December on a $100,000 due to an open sexual assault case against him. He's facing a charge of criminal sexual conduct, and not many details have been released to the public. As of now, no trial date has been set due to a large caseload, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Ebro felt the need to touch on the "sensitive" case during the interview.

"We take sexual assault here serious, and we can't get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that. It's a serious topic and we're hearing these stories a lot," Ebro said.

The 21-year-old Florida native wasn't feeling it, so he walked out of the interview."Change the subject, or I'm finna walk out," Kodak said. "Talk about something else."

Ebro basically said Kodak can then, because he's not going to control HIS interview.

Check it at the 15-minute mark:

Social media was set on fire with everyone sharing their view on who they think was right or wrong in the situation.







Meanwhile, other tweets were posted calling Ebro all type of names...everything but a child of God.

Ebro - a father of a daughter but known to get caught up in drama often - hopped on Twitter to defend bringing up Kodak's sexual assault misconduct case:











Following the walk out, the "Tunnel Vision" rapper - rocking a mask again - stopped by Power 105's "The Breakfast Club" to explain why he ended the conversation at their rival station.

"I feel like people don't want to see this happy-go-lucky Kodak," he said. "The interview was about to end so good... I wanted to tear this whole radio station up. I felt like that. But at the same time I'm sitting down with all these people talking money. So if I would've showed out, I would've scared my money away again."

He continued,

"My momma, my family, my people hit me up, 'I'm so proud of you how you handled that,'" he said. "Cause you gonna put the police on me."

Check it:

Veteran rapper and fellow Florida native Trick Daddy came to Kodak's defense on social media following his HOT 97 interview.

Trick called out Ebro for bringing up Kodak's pending sexual assault case.

“Man, what’s up with you police ass n*ggas,” he said. “Let me tell you radio n*ggas something. Y’all getting out of line. Ebro, disrespecting the homie. You tried a young n*gga. Kodak my little n*gga. If nobody gonna step up, I’m gonna step up. I want smoke.” Lordt.

The "Nann" rapper went on to call Ebro a "fake a** Charlamagne" (fighting words TBH) and told him to keep Kodak's name out his mouth:

Check it:


If Kodak is convicted of the sexual assault, he faces up to 30 years in prison.  Honestly, we have ZERO issue asking an interviewee about an obvious elephant in the room.  We do expect for that to be applies consistently, though, like Fabolous should have been asked about his domestic violence situation with Emily B. during his recent Hot 97 interview.



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