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Nicki Minaj Had A Twerk-Filled Dinner With New Boyfriend - Who She Reportedly Wants To Marry & Have Kids With



Now that baecay is over, Nicki Minaj flew her new man Kenneth Petty and their friends back to NYC for a twerk filled dinner party.  And she's already talking marriage and kids with her new problematic, according to some folks, boyfriend.

Last night, Nicki and her whole crew took over STK restaurant in Manhattan for dinner.  The spot transforms a portion of the restaurant into a wintry lodge, so it was the perfect date night spot for everybody who was boo'd up in her crew.

Once drinks were flowing, so were the twerk filled videos with her girls Rah Ali, Brooke Bailey, Titi, Candi and their men:



Despite that whole convicted sex offender and attempted murderer-turned-manslaughter felon thing,  Nicki still wants to get married and have kids ASAP with Kenneth, this according to sources who talked to TMZ.

Sources close to the "Queen" MC tell us Nicki and Kenneth Petty have already had the marriage and baby talk -- this after only a couple months of dating. We're told Nicki is serious about the prospect of marrying Kenneth and having his kids ... because she believes he's that good a man.

She's cut off comments underneath most of her posts with him.  And she's been blocking her own Barbz on Twitter who have an issue with her dating this guy.

Folks are also saying he's part of a gang and he allegedly throws up signs in many of his IG posts.  Becoming a wife and mother, gang affiiation, extra open with the PDA on social media? Everything sounds quite familiar....

They hopped in the G5 yesterday - with her friends and his - to jet off to NYC after vacay.She says, "You know what time it is. Heavy on the sleaze time." Oh, ok Nick.


As for Kenneth's ex, Noelle, who Nicki allegedly "stole" Kenneth from, she's speaking out too.  Her stories are conflicting, though. She initially said she didn't know they were broken up until she saw Kenneth - who was living with her - on Instagram boo'd up with Nicki at the same time everyone else saw. Now, she says he was her ex and they're both moving on:


 photo Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 4.17.01 PM_zps56jarchs.png






Noelle is a bottle girl/bartender in Queens, and Kenneth certainly has a type.


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