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JINGLE BALL 2018: Cardi B Becomes Hubby Offset's Hype Man After Trolling Fans With A 'Wrap' Battle + Normani & Khalid Hit The Stage


 photo jingleballteaser.png

Cardi B, Offset, Normani and Khalid hit the stage for the KIIS-FM's annual Jingle Ball concert. Get into their performances and more inside...

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalmLh8KogP5j5l.jpg

One thing is for sure, Cardi B and Offset are still very much madly in love with one another.

Bardi was tapped to perform at 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2018, presented by Capital One, at The Forum when she brought her hubby out. Chick was stanning for her man as he performed, skipping back and forth across the stage before planting a wet one on his lips.

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalseMenIMiRyrl.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalk35T8oTWiLtl.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapital1R2qFnDTDvZl.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalU_GDpZeC_Cvl.jpg

Watch the "Be Careful" rapper fan out over her beau below:



 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalyOkowcXuyoMl.jpg

And she made sure to put on a show for her fans. Get into her twerkful performance below: 








 photo CardiB1027KIISFMJingleBallBackstage7DCDM-zgWvAl.jpg

She's smitten.

Before they hit the stage, the "I Like It" rapper called her husband out for a rap battle where fans could tune in via an app. However, Bardi and Offset were trolling because instead of a RAP battle they did a WRAP battle to see who could wrap gifts the best. Ha.

Check it: 



Back on the stage...

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalU7raOWUo6lsl.jpg

Normani and Khalid took over to perform their hit single "Love Lies."

 photo Khalid1027KIISFMJingleBallShowUVV1oZsePQul.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitaljmLjQ1JByz9l.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitaljY_L43JKqJ-l.jpg

 photo Khalid1027KIISFMJingleBallShowrLWpLvdmvYOl.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalysYUeZiXwXIl.jpg


 photo 1027KIISFMJingleBallBackstage7ORRrAVQEbGl.jpg

Normani has been loving black leather lately.

Peep their performance below:





On the carpet...

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalQrk9Wj_Qw1sl.jpg

 photo KhalidKIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedGHRutyBAJxzl.jpg

Norami flexed and flossed while Khalid was all smiles.

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalNzUFRFZsVlEl-2.jpg

 photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalRTekQtXxWkWl.jpg

Christina Milian and her daughter Violet were also in the mix for the pre-holiday fun. Little Violet's whole night was made when she got the chance to meet Cardi backstage: 







Photos: Getty

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