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YBF EXCLUSIVE: "RHOA" Star Kenya Moore DISHES On Her FLAWS, DRAMA With Co-Stars & Honey Boo Boo




Although "RHOA" doesn't premiere until tonight, former Miss USA Kenya Moore has already become a fan favorite and standout.  Find out what the former beauty queen revealed to TheYBF.com about the upcoming season, her private life and what she thinks about child pageants.



She's a beauty queen, an actress, a businesswoman and if the BRAVO trailer is any indication, she's on her way to becoming one of reality tv's most exciting troublemakers.  

Kenya Moore chatted exclusively with TheYBF.com on the reasons she chose to join "RHOA," her favorite and least favorite housewife and what she thinks about Honey Boo Boo and children in beauty pageants.  Here are the highlights:  

On how she hopes her appearance on "RHOA" will change perceptions of women:

There are a few women on the show who endeavor to uplift and help our community- not tear it down as sometimes portrayed. I'm hoping my presence will raise the bar and show a unmitigated side to what it is like being over 40, Black, single and looking for lasting love all while trying to maintain a career, my dignity and self worth at the same time- AND not settle. I don't have it all. I hope a lot of women will be able to identify with my personal struggle. With that said, we are all real women and it's as real as it gets on season 5 of RHOA. It's not always peaches and cream. No pun intended :-).

On how she makes a living and if she has a man:

I've been a business owner and entrepreneur for more than 25 years and have worked since I was 14 years old. I am a hard worker and fighter from Detroit and I've fought for everything I have, including my crown, and am very proud of my achievements. I am an accomplished producer, author, writer, actor, astute businesswoman and I'm educated. So therefore, I'm not a literal housewife. This season of RHOA is extremely enlightening and sheds a candid light on my personal life-which I've never done before. There is a man and you will meet him soon enough on the show.

On why she joined "RHOA":

My motivation was the desire to change my lack of success in my personal life. The show was an opportunity to take a risk to do something I've never done before and step outside of my comfort zone. Additionally, the stability of being on a show affords me time to focus on having a family as it is part of my journey. There are also several charities close to my heart that I endow on the show and hope others will support. It will be evident why they are so important to me once the season airs.

On Honey Boo and if she supports children in pageants:


No ma'am! I am of the opinion that pageants help young women excel in life, teach them poise, self esteem, confidence, independence, and they promote philanthropic work. How is clown makeup and hair extensions on a child promoting anything positive? I don't support this type of child exploitation.

On her favorite/least favorite housewives:

Wow you are going to get me in trouble! I love Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills but I only know the RHOA women. From them, I can say I do have a least favorite... But you have to watch this season to find out.

On what her ex-boyfriends would say are her flaws:

I have body issues; cellulite, stretch marks, weight issues... I put my spanx on one leg at a time just like everyone else! With that said, my exes always say I'm bossy! It's good in business but not in romantic relationships.

On her "celebrity" friends:


I hang out with a few celebs... but I love Tracey Edmonds and we are very close. Lamman Rucker is my best male friend. I find "celebrity friends" tend to come and go. I hang out with people who love me for me and are not my "yes" men and keep me grounded. My true friends are friends I've had for 25+ years from Detroit. Who knows... Maybe RHOA will yield one or two truly genuine friendships... or not. Only time will tell.


Watch "RHOA" on Bravo tonight at 9/8c.


Photos via Drexina Nelson

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