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So David Guetta Thinks He Brought 'House Music' To The U.S. + Megyn Kelly Debates Why Blackface Isn't Racist - With No Black People Present - Then Apologizes


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Y'all! ABC Nightline praised David Guetta for "bringing" house music to the U.S. and folks are reading them for columbusing. Get into the drag, plus Megyn Kelly being a basic white woman inside...

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Columbusing, much? Sure looks and like it. ABC Nightline is receiving backlash after they dubbed David Guetta as the ‘Grandfather of Electronic Dance Music,’ while giving him credit for "bringing house music to the U.S." And he basically agrees.  Wait...whet?!

Peep the clip below:



So, they're just going to act as if house music didn't begin in Chicago back in the 80's or...

It's clear no one on the team did any REAL research about the origins of house music and it's popularity in the U.S. before crowning a white French DJ as the pioneer.

Well, folks aren't happy about ABC's ignorance and schooled the network via social media:


















David responded, but he still doesn't GET IT:


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Some people love a controversy, but I am all about positivity. I fell in love with house music as a teenager in the 80s when I first heard Chicago house on the radio in Paris. It was Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s record “Love Can’t Turn Around”. I became obsessed with the sound of it. The music had a message of love, being open, and bringing people together that inspired me to start my first house music night in Paris in 1988. Later when I was running a club called Queen, I would invite Djs like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Dj Pierre , masters at work , Danny tenaglia etc. I was trying to learn from those pioneers and I also wanted to share this amazing feeling with the my people . House music was born from people like Frankie Knuckles and Larry levan. The legacy of the genre and those artists are so important to me. Those people followed by others paved the way for myself and other artists to have careers and be able to do what we are doing today. For me, it is all about love and bringing people together to celebrate life.

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In other white people being white news...

UPDATE: Megyn brought Roland Martin on the show this morning. He schooled everyone on the history of blackface:




This show is still on?

So, Megyn Kelly did a segment on her "Today" show with panel of all -white people about inappropiate Halloween costumes and wearing blackface was brought up. Sighs...

The former FOX host said people SHOULD be allowed to wear blackface for Halloween and since she used to do it as a kid, it's totally OK.

"What is racist?," she asked in the clip above. "You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween,” she complained. “Back when I was a kid, that was OK just as long as you were dressing as a character.”

Peep the clip above.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien had to check her (along with a ton of other folks on Twitter):



Now, Megyn is backtracking and offering up an apology. Not to the public, just to the NBC colleagues she "may have offended."

Here is Kelly’s apology to her colleagues at NBC:

Dear friends & teammates –

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I get the chance to express and hear a lot of opinions. Today is one of those days where listening carefully to other points of view, including from friends and colleagues, is leading me to rethink my own views.

When we had the roundtable discussion earlier today about the controversy of making your face look like a different race as part of a Halloween costume, I suggested that this seemed okay if done as part of this holiday where people have the chance to make themselves look like others. The iconic Diana Ross came up as an example. To me, I thought, why would it be controversial for someone dressing up as Diana Ross to make herself look like this amazing woman as a way of honoring and respecting her?

I realize now that such behavior is indeed wrong, and I am sorry. The history of blackface in our culture is abhorrent; the wounds too deep.

I’ve never been a “pc” kind of person — but I understand that we do need to be more sensitive in this day and age. Particularly on race and ethnicity issues which, far from being healed, have been exacerbated in our politics over the past year. This is a time for more understanding, love, sensitivity and honor, and I want to be part of that. I look forward to continuing that discussion.

I’m honored to work with all of you every day.

Love, Mk

*rolls eyes*



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