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Ayyye! Amerie (One 'i') Just Dropped Her First (Double) EP In Years


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Amerie is back.  She's looking gorgeous and has plenty of new music to serve up.  Deets inside...

It's been over 2 years since she released any new music (she dropped the EP Drive back in 2016), and almost 10 years since she released a full album.  The "1 Thing" singer is now a mom, a wife and looks exactly the same as she did back when she had us on our Go-Go club tip.

Today, Amerie dropped a double EP called 4AM MULHOLLAND and AFTER 4AM (and that extra 'i' she added to her name years ago), a follow up to her 2009 album In Love and War.  And it's a nice little Friday bop for the weekend.


The 38-year-old fab chick dished to Billboard about being jaded with the industry and leaving Def Jam saying:

“I experienced pushback because I’m a female who knows herself and doesn’t have problems speaking up.”

As for what she's been up to in the last several years:

I was thinking about my next project in 2012 and still making music, but I was writing [books] and wanted to put all my time into writing. I kept thinking I would get to music, but for the most part it was writing and learning story craft. I was living, breathing writing -- I wrote six novels in the past [six] years. One is done, two are almost finished, some I’m revising, others are in various states. But I was really missing actively recording, because it gives you a different creative outlet. I’m passionate about writing and story, but it creates a different kind of fatigue.

On her new music being darker and moodier:

The funny thing to me, I've always felt like my music is dark -- even when no one else thinks that. Like with “Why Don’t We Fall in Love,” I got on the video with the director and he’s like, “OK, I’m thinking summertime, you on a beach," and I go, “OK, this is cool, but actually my initial thought was black, red and a highway.” No one else seems to feel that.

You can get the rest of the interview HERE.

By the way, she wrote this EP while pregnant with her adorable now 5-month-old little nugget River Rowe.



The double EP is available now on iTunes, Soundcloud and everywhere.  You copping it?!


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