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Cardi B Claims She Didn't Order That Strip Club Beatdown, Says Offset Didn't Cheat + Nicki Minaj Will NOT Press Charges After NYFW Altercation


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Cardi B is responding to reports that she ordered a beatdown on two strip club bartenders. Find out all she said about it, plus what Bardi said about running for Vice President inside...

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While Cardi B didtry to throw them hands when she saw her rap nemesis Nicki Minaj, she claims she didn't have anything to do with a fight that went down in a strip club last month that involved two strip club bartenders.

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You'll recall, strip club bartenders Jade (right) and Baddie Gi (left), who are also sisters, claim they came face-to-face with the "Be Careful" rapper on August 29th inside Angels Strip Club in Queens and ish went totally left. They claim Bardi ordered people in her camp to fight them and that the NYC raptress threw a bottle at them. The reason? It was reported Cardi believed Jade was sleeping with her husband Offset. Jade denied she ever slept with the Migos rapper.

Well, folks in Cardi's camp claim she had NOTHING to do with the attack and that she did NOT throw a bottle at them, despite their claims.

Sources also tell TMZ the rumors about Offset cheating with Jade are also FALSE and that Cardi and Offset believe both women are simply "clout chasers" looking for a come up.

The sisters have lawyered up and will have Joe Tacopina (Meek Mill's lawyer) to represent them since they're looking into filing a lawsuit against Cardi and her crew. It was reported the sisters are going to file a police report and that Cardi B's name will be included in the incident report.

There was video footage of Cardi and Offset in the strip club the night of the attack, however, there's no footage of the bartenders getting beat down.

In other Bardi news....

Recently, Offset publicly stated Kim Kardashian West should run for president of the United States. He said he would vote for her because he "f*cks with" her for being a prison reform advocate. Peep the clip above.

Well, it seems Offset got the "Kim K For President" idea from his wife. The "Bartier Cardi" rapper said he made those comments after she had a conversation with him about politics. If Kim K were to run, Bardi said she wouldn't mind being added on the ticket as Vice President. Peep the clip of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper talking politics while leaving the Jeremy Scott show during NYFW below:




Are you here for a Kim K/Cardi B presidential ticket?



It's being reportedNicki Minaj will NOT be pressing charges against Cardi B after that shoe-throwing altercation at Harper's BAZAAR's ICONS party during New York Fashion Week Friday night. Since Nicki and her security were not injured, she reportedly sees no reason to file a police report.

In other news...



Cardi B just secured a major makeup bag! Tom Ford Beauty announced a collaboration with Cardi for a new collection. Congrats!


Photos: Getty/Jade's IG/Baddie's IG

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