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Nicki Minaj, Karrueche, Victor Cruz Cut Up At NYFW Kick Off Party + Yara Shahidi & Yvonne Orji Laugh It Up At Refinery29's 29 Rooms


 photo nyfwteaser.png

Celebs are getting ALL of their lives as New Yrok Fashion Week kicks off. See what some of your faves are up to inside...


 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsuNNe0MHjKrol.jpg

Colorful hair and bold hues! Get it.

Nicki Minaj helped kick off New York Fashion Week that will feature a slew of spring '19 fashions. Chick was pumped at the party, styling in vibrant yelloq to command everyone's attention when she pulled up on the scene. The QUEEN rapper rocked this yellow and black Off White ensemble topped with pink hair during E!, ELLE & IMG Model's NYFW launch party to celebrate "Super Models & Super Trends."

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsmQGLHHW_ElGl.jpg

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsiT16qYQLBEal.jpg

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsS7jA30l5_bWl.jpg

As you've noticed, Nicki is back on her Harajuku Barbie steez with the colorful wiggery. Last week, she was ranting on social media about how she's the OG of colorful wigs even though we all know someone else used to wear colorful wigs before she even hit the music scene.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsgXkZGWEHeIQl.jpg

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsGnvUmfTbg88l.jpg

While Nicki has been on our uber side-eye list for past month or so, she did look damn good for the NYFW festivities.

Watch the self-proclaimed QUEEN get it in below:



Also at the party...

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsSWDmRhMCYz6l.jpg

Love birds Karrueche and Victor Cruz made their way to the kick-off party. They both are fashion lovers with Kae coming into the business as a stylist assistant and Victor being a lover of all things fashion.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsPPwffPNDHZAl.jpg

That bar Nicki wrote about Kae in her "Barbie Dream" track doesn't even relevant now being that she's in a relationship with the retired NFLer. At one point in time, it was rumored the "Claws" actress was dating Migos' rapper Quavo. That's why Nicki wrote that line about someone needing to make sure she's straight since folks were saying she was messing around with Quavo.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShows8pcilB-B5Wbl.jpg

By the way, Victor is loving his new job as an analyst at ESPN.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsH4FYXqNehe6l-2.jpg

They're cute.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsoGGR_JYD-bvl.jpg

Kae kept it easy, breezy in a floral Zimmermann dress and Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsZxyZe7e-9B1l.jpg

Actor Evan Ross and his wife Ashlee Simpson were all loved up on the carpet.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsOu8O518EAERl.jpg

The couple's new reality show premieres this Sunday on E!. In the episode, Ashlee decides she's ready to start writing music again, they take a trip to Connecticut to visit with Evan’s family and they gush over how they fell in love during their first dance off.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShows38SrjCNzsM2l.jpg

Oh baby! Model Slick Woods is still bumping along and doesn't mind showing off her growing belly.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsqIJNM3hszSbl.jpg

The Fenty Beauty model was all smiles as she made her rounds. She celebrated the upcoming arrival of her baby boy with family and friends a few weeks ago.

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShows9fyGTVOnvH3l.jpg

Ty Hunter

 photo EELLEIMGCelebrateKickOffNYFWShowsK8JQ0DliSHCl.jpg

Lori Harvey, Steve & Marjorie Harvey's daughter, had folks green with envy when she popped up at the venue in Gucci, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

Elsewhere at NYFW...

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityX_9-YfEQv4Yl.jpg

Issa party!

We love seeing our faves link up. "Grown-ish" actress Yara Shahidi and "Insecure" star Yvonne Orji had ALL the fun at Refinery 29's 29Rooms "Expand Your Reality" opening party.

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandReality7y2wFCQw5Zdl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealitykDCryeG-1gol.jpg

Selfie time!

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandReality2gDTFCrJ8MPl.jpg

The FAB young actress kept it edgy and cool in a floral Off White button dress and denim jacket from the brand. She paired her look with a pair of jeans and white booties.

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealitywW68uTaS3Nxl.jpg

Yvonne rocked the strips with a pop of color perfectly.

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealitywklf2TP2lull.jpg

Breaking In starlet Ajiona Alexus was all smiles, snapping it alongside Yara.

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityZbJ6CunVxBvl.jpg

Yara also hung out with her "Grown-ish" co-star Luka Sabbat. 

There were several YBF actresses on the scene.

"Dear White People" actress Logan Browning, "Atlanta: star Zazie Beetz, Black Panther actress Danai Gurira, "Orange Is The New Black" actress Dascha Polanco were also in the mix:

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityymdOmIHjqIdl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandReality0-Qg_Vfr-ZWl.jpg

Zazie is gearing up to fight monsters with Chance The Rapper in a new horror film. Deets HERE.

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityWLPctQjvGo0l.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityGtCDH_heDWGl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityovgM5qFvxIpl.jpg

Dascha did denim on denim on denim for the party along with the colorful hair trend. We feelin' it?

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityRMy8RvvfjQsl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityef8a6noBrvjl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityx2HgMA5diTxl.jpg

 photo Refinery2929RoomsNewYork2018ExpandRealityPWpOL8gdcHTl.jpg

 photo NicoleRichieRefinery2929RoomsNewYorkmG0BE-Bl0Thl.jpg

Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson and Nicole Richie also came out to party. Fun times.

Photos: Getty

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