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Regina Hall Was Almost A Nun Before She Became A 'BREASTaurant' Manager + Sanaa Lathan Reveals Several Exes Hit Her Up After Cutting Her Hair


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Regina Hall dishes on almost becoming a nun while Sanaa Lathan opens up about exes hitting her up after seeing her big chop. More inside....

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It's safe to say Regina Hall is a vet in the Hollywood game. And she always kills it in a comedy.

For her latest film, she stars as the manager of a "breastaurant" called Double Whammies in the dark comedy Support The Girls. She's an incurable den mother who nurtures and protects her girls fiercely, but over the course of one trying day, her optimism is battered from every direction.

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But guess what? Before she made her mark in Hollywood, the Fordham University grad almost became a nun...twice! She said she almost joined a convent at the age of 14 and then again back in 2010.

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"I was in Catholic school my whole life, and it felt natural," she dished to FADER. "Maybe I was a nun in a past life. It felt familiar. I loved the sisters and I loved the priests. I didn't have any shady priests, thankfully. But when I was 14, I really loved the nuns. They ran our school and were so smart. They didn't have to worry about what to wear. I loved their little quiet time in prayer. It felt serene. I remember they were having a number of young girls join the convent, and I was like, I would like that," she said.

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"When I was older, I wanted to do it because I find that my happiest places are when I'm in a really spiritual place. It's almost like the rest of the world becomes background. I thought, What a great life. How could I ever be sad if I'm always in prayer? But I was too old. [Laughs] Every sect has different rules and this particular one I was interested in, their idea was that this wasn't a Plan B. It's not, life's not going good so I wanna be a nun. Some of them limit you by the number of partners you've had — but I couldn't join those either."

From a nun, to a "breastaurant" manager. What a life! Not only that, she also graduated with a degree in journalism and almost became a journalist.

Regina and her "girls" (castmates) were all smiles on the red carpet at the film's Hollywood premiere held inside the ArcLight recently.

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Regina's About Last Night co-star Michael Ealy came out to show support. Nice!

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Former boxing champion"Sugar"Shane Mosley and his 20-something fiancee Trista Pisani were also in the mix.

Support The Girls is currently in select theaters. Swipe below to find out which theaters:


By the way, Regina recently revealed a Girls Trip sequel is in the works. Woot!

At another event...

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Sanaa Lathan was front and center to celebrate her role in Netflix's Nappily Ever After with a special dinner at Cecconi’s in Brooklyn recently. The gorgeous actress snapped it up with the film’s producer Tracey Bing, director Haifaa al-Mansour and the film’s hairstylist Larry Sims before sitting down for an intimate panel discussion about womanhood, hair and more, moderated by InStyle’s Editor-at-Large, Kahlana Barfield-Brown.

YBF correspondent Unique Chapman was on the scene where Sanaa talked about how black women have been conditioned on what's considered "good hair" and how black women have flipped the script and made it our own. The 46-year-old also talked about how women have been conditioned to think their value totally equates to having a man.

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The YBF actress also revealed a few of her exes started hitting her up once they saw she shaved off all of her hair. However, she didn't name any names. Hmm...

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In Nappily Ever After, Violet has a seemingly perfect life — a high-powered job, an eligible doctor boyfriend and a meticulously maintained, flawless coiffure. But after a life-changing event doesn’t go according to her plan, and a hair-raising incident at the hairdresser, her life begins to unravel.

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Eventually, Violet realizes that she was living the life she thought she was supposed to live, not the one she really wanted. After her man doesn't propose and a little girl at the hairdresser checks her about how much money she's spending on her hair, we see the evolution of what perfection really means take place. And it's inspiring as all hell.

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Also, hotties Ricky Whittle and Lyriq Bent star as her love interests and Lynn Whitfield as her mother.

Peep the clips below:

If you can't view the videos above, click HEREand HERE.

Nappily Ever After is now streaming on Netflix.

Photos: Getty/Splash/MEGA/Steve Jackson for Netflix

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