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Here's Why Folks Are Up In Arms Over Michelle Obama Hugging Kanye West In Childish Gambino's Animated Video + FLOTUS Vacationed In Spain Before Sharing Candy With Bush


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Childish Gambino put Michelle Obama and Kanye West in his new animated video and now people serving up their opinions about it. Go inside to see the clip to give your own interpretation, plus see what FLOTUS was up to before she shared a moment with former president George W. Bush inside...

When Donald Glover isn't creating magic in film, he's creating conversation pieces via music.

Using his rap name, Childish Gambino dropped a new visual titled "Feels Like Summer” over the weekend that has everyone talking. It's an animated clip of Childish Gambino strolling down the street, listening to headphones. Animated versions of several artists appear in the background engaging in summer activities.

Rapper Birdman is on the grill, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott are playing with toy blocks (instead of feuding like in real life right now), Chance the Rapper is playing with who looks like Jaden Smith, (although some are arguing that it's Eminem), 21 Savage is smoking in his car, Drake is chasing Future on a bicycle, Migos are playing basketball, Will Smith is washing his car, Janelle Monae& Tessa Thompson are skateboarding...just to name a few. It's loaded with your faves and it gives off a cool summer vibe in the hood. 

The screen then goes black and shows Kid Cudi, who looks down in the dumps. He disappears and then a crying Kanye West pops up. The Chi-town rapper is wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat, like the one he wore and posted on Twitter as he praised Trump. Waterfalls of tears are streaming down his face.

Out of nowhere, former First Lady Michelle Obama appears and gives 'Ye a hug. Yeezy's tears dry up and then the clip changes into a visual of Beyonce wearing a "R.I.P. Fredo Santana" t-shirt.

Check it below at the 2-minute mark, but you will want to watch the entire thing. It's powerful:

Once the visuals hit the Internet, people have been sounding off about the Kanye West/Michelle Obama moment. Some people want to know why is it that a black woman has to "save" or "heal" Kanye West? Here are some of the tweets:







However, some people have different interpretations of the moment's significance:







Also, this user served up a quick recap of some of the possible meanings Donald Glover put throughout the video:


Hmm...she's on to something.

Before all of the "save Kanye West" drama...


Michelle Obama shared a special moment with former president George W. Bush during Sen. John McCain's memorial service Saturday. Democrats and Republicans came together to celebrate decades of public service by McCain, who died August 25th at the age of 81, at the Washington National Cathedral. Former president Barack Obama and former president Bush were tapped to speak.

While Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was speaking, cameras caught Bush hand forever FLOTUS a cough drop. It was initially thought he handed her a piece of candy. She thanked him afterwards. That quick moment went viral. It's nice to see how close they still are despite their political differences. (Let's not forget their previous shenanigans sitting next to each other at events). Peep the clip above.

And before she made it to the funeral...

 photo MVAY5.jpg

Forver FLOTUS enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Mallorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

 photo MVAY4.jpg

 photo MVAY1.jpg

She was spotted being escorted out of a restaurant while trying to keep a low profile.  We'd spot those cute curls anywhere though. 


Photos: YouTube/Backgrid/Splash

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