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QUEEN Nicki Minaj Rants About Coming In #2 Spot On The Charts! Calls Out Travis Scott, Kylie & Spotify + Why She Copped #DonkeyOfTheDay


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Nicki Minaj is blaming everybody for her QUEEN album coming in at the No. 2 spot on the charts for its first week's sales. She's poppin' off on Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner (even baby Stormi) and Spotify. Here's everything she said inside...

Sometimes 2nd place just isn't good enough for some people. And that would include Nicki Minaj. The first week sales are in for Nicki's fourth studio album QUEEN and she's not very happy about it. She came in 2nd place to Travis Scott's Astroworld (which was in its 2nd week) on the Billboard 200 chart.

According to the numbers, Astroworld sold 205,000 units for its 2nd week and QUEEN sold 185,000 units for its first week, making it the #2 album in the world.

Peep the break down below:







With the way the music industry has changed as far as album sales go, the "Chun-Li" rapper actually did pretty good for her first week sales. Yes, it wasn't first place, however, the numbers weren't totally bad.

Well, the final numbers weren't good enough for the Head Barb, so she took to Twitter to try and explain to the masses why her album came in 2nd place. Of course, she had nothing to do with it and it's everyone else's fault.

First, she blamed Travis for selling his album with merchandise. Fans could buy his merch and they would receive the album for free. She said she spoke to Travis and he KNOWS he doesn't have the No. 1 album this week LOL! Ok, girl.

Then, she came at Travis' baby's mother Kylie Jenner for tweeting out about Travis' album. Nicki claims it was unfair that Travis had Kylie engage her followers to go out and get his album (and possibly meet herself and their daughter Stormi) since she has a massive following online.

 photo nickirant2.png

 photo nickirant3.png

 photo nickirant4.png

 photo nickirant5.png

The "Barbie Dreamz" rapper then took aim at Spotify, saying they were "punishing" her for playing her music early on another platform (read from the bottom up):

 photo queenagain1.png

 photo queenagain2.png

 photo queenagain3.png

Get ready. Nicki said she's not biting her tongue for her Queen Radio episode that's going down tomorrow.

Fans are also going back and forth about it on social media: 

 photo nickifans1.png

 photo nickifans2.png

Before she hit up Twitter with these tweets, she was also on Instagram combating "fake news":

 photo nickirantakademiks1.png

Before the official numbers came in, DJ Akademiks posted an early prediction about Travis and Nicki's album sales. The "Anaconda" rapper didn't waste any time hopping in the comments to call his tweet "fake news" and that the real numbers didn't come out until Sunday. Well, what's worse is the fact that she called this "fake news" and ended up selling LESS units than predicted.

DJ Akademiks issued a response to Nicki after the official numbers came in:







Also, Power 105's Charlamagne tha God gave Nicki the biggest "hee-haw" during "The Breakfast Club" this morning:

And folks are chiming in about it:










Meanwhile, Travis Scott is living his best life on the basketball court in Houston for James Harden's JH-Town Weekend:



@travisscott out here getting buckets!

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