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This NASTY Fall Teyana Taylor Took Was Likely The Last Straw Before Hijacking Tour [VIDEO] + Jeremih Tells His Side, 'If She Fell, She Just Bust Her Sh*t'


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Video footage of Teyana Taylor taking a nasty fall just hit the Internet and it was her last performance before hijacking Jeremih's tour. Watch her take a tumble, plus hear Jeremih tell his side of the story inside...


Now we know the last straw that made Teyana Taylor drag her tour mate Jeremih for filth and hijack his "Later That Night" tour.

Last week, Tey took a nasty fall while performing in her hometown of NY. Video footage captured the "No Manners" singer doing what she does best while on stage inside the Play Station Theater when she tumbled right off stage. You'll recall, she blamed Jeremih, who actually performed after her, for water being left on stage.  It's unclear if she meant him directly or workers he is responsible for.

However, we hear chick got right back up and didn't miss a beat. Check it below:



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The "Birthday Sex" singer caught the wrath of Teyana when she posted that she was dropping out of the tour because she could no longer deal with his shenanigans. Apparently, said shenanigans include him sabotaging her show.

Soon after, she decided to go on with the tour WITHOUT him. The "3Way" singer renamed it the KTSE Tour and said Jeremih had been "removed."

Jeremih has remained silent about all of the controversy (outside of some subtle shade thrown on social media), but now he's speaking out.

The "Oui" singer Facetimed into Power 92 Chicago to set the record straight about their tour controversy. He said the whole thing is a miscommunication and that he wasn't feeling the way she was slandering his name (like calling him b*tches) because they go way back and he thought they were cooler than that.

The R&B crooner revealed they had a conversation while in NYC (after her fall) and that it was very productive. Then, the next day she was bashing him online.

As for the accusations about him leaving water on the stage, he said that's not true because he doesn't even perform until AFTER her.

"If she fell, she just bust her sh*t," he explained. "Ain't no water on stage because I don't even go on until after her."

He said he didn't want to call her bipolar, but he's not sure what’s going on with her, so he just fell back. He shared how Tey supposedly got mad one night he had chicken catered for a show.

As for Teyana's husband Iman Shumpert chiming in, he said he didn't want to go there with him because he considers Iman a "homie."

Also, he said he was never "removed" from the tour. He said he left because he wasn't with the drama. He said he didn't want to be want to be in a bad environment, so he dipped.

Peep the interview below:

Yesterday, Tey hopped on Instagram to say she did what she did to stand up for herself:






Tey is heating things up on her noe solo tour. She performed her hit track "3Way" in Detroit where she brought out rapper Kashdoll on stage. Chick put on a steamy set that ended in her seemingly kissing Kashdoll on the neck and grabbing her boobs. Peep the performance above.

Tonight, Teyana will hit the stage at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. The show must go on...

Photos: @malcolmxmcneil

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